Hearthstone laggy after windows update

I have a 5600x and a 3070 so lag has never been an issue for me. After the most recent windows update as I started the game it is unbarebly laggy. I first tried repairing (nothing to repair) and then reistalled. None of this has solved the issue. It doesnt matter if I change quality or resolution full screen etc, the lag is still the same. The game is currently unplayable. To clarify, the game is running badly, not slow to react due to internet issues.

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i have the same issues… havnt played for years and now its like this. Dont know either how to fix… but i dont care to much anymore about his crappy game anyways :roll_eyes:

I’m starting to have the same issues as well. It works well on my phone, but becomes unresponsive on my computer. I looked at my task manager and saw that the game was taking up 66% of my PC’s memory usage. So the game has a memory leak somewhere. Due to the fact that either patches (Win10/Hearthstone) could of caused this. It’s up to Blizzard to find out why Win 10 users are experiencing a memory leak for their game.