Hearthstone is trash


I’ve been playing the game for years and I’m just tired of it, with ungoro and the lich expansion hearthstone was inviting insanely unique concepts and card types and the decks were fun as hell but these past few expansions have barely invited anything genuinely new which was fine up until they got rid of any true enjoyable deck in the most recent expansion and honestly gave us a bunch of boring and dull cards and decks, not to mention the chance of getting a legendary in a pack is honestly too little, I’m tired of having to buy 50 packs at a time to get a single legendary, hopefully they’ll bring at least something new and interesting in the next expansion


All those cards you enjoy are still available (and in many cases, quite prevalent) in Wild. That being said, “I miss the power level of the Year of the Mammoth cards” is probably not a sentiment that will find a lot of sympathy around here.


Are you allowed to throw an insult like that on this forum? I mean what has trash ever done to deserve that?


Its all in the matchup man and the luck.

Crafted a Warlock Zoo deck but missing 4 epics.

Opponent Mage.

Game goes as expected. I am off and running with the illusion of being in the lead.

Mage plays freeze all minions. Yep locked down for a turn isn’t good with face is the place.

Drop a Sea Giant on 5.

Mage plays Blizzard yep. Lock down plus board sweep.

Well rebuild that board, get a knife juggler do some free pinging.

Mage has. Ray of Frost, Ray of Frost, Ray of Frost, Ray of Frost. Yep, playing out as expected.

Locked down but get to do a wee bit more damage.

Turn 7 Mage plays Flamestrike.

See. Its that simple. Just follow the auotpilot matchups. Every game and deck just plays out the same day in and day out.


I’m not saying I miss the cards I’m saying that they should’ve came out with a decent expansion to replace all the fun decks people enjoyed playing, and I think we all know we avoid playing wild for a reason there are quite a few older decks that were absolutely over powered and you always run into


The fact that you keep talking in such vague terms about what you miss makes it hard to engage with your issue, to be honest. Personally, while I miss some of the decks no longer available in Standard,* there’s a few decks I’ve enjoyed quite a bit, like Token Druid, Nomi Priest, and (whenever Whizbang smiles down on me) Big Warrior.

*RIP Control Priest :cry:


Wait… You actually pay for cards?


I think everyone would appreciate you getting a life instead of whiteknighting for blizzard. Look, i have 20 posts on a new forum, most people have less than 100, yet you are the most incel of all times with a whoopping 750+. Stop it, we get it, you love blizz and nobody should dare complaining, but st#u and get a friend to hang with irl.


If you don’t like someone’s arguments, come up with better arguments to counter them. Do not attack their person.

And if you still insist on attacking a person, at least get your facts straight. It is an absolute straw man to suggest that high post count equates to whiteknighting for Blizzard. There are people on these forums that do nothing but complain about what a terrible game this is, propose and defend tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories that Blizzard is rigging their draw or their matchups for whatever weird reason they believe, or just accuse Blizzard of the high crime of making money. Those people rack up quite a post count as well. So post count says nothing.

I make most of my posts on the Bug Report forum where I hang out to learn about interesting interactions between cards, and then also (since I’m there anyway) often tell people why something is not a bug or how to get an issue resolved. That does tell you something about my person: I like to see and then understand unexpected interactions; and I put in a little extra effort to try to help people if I can. But what does it tell you about my stance towards Blizzard?


I already have a life though. But thank you for your concern.

I understand that some people find writing challenging, but personally, it doesn’t take much intellectual effort to post stuff here. You know what they say, practice makes perfect! :smiley:

Also, good job on sneaking “incel” there. Great way of calling me a no-life basement dweller (again) while keeping your slang updated. Inaccurate, mind you, and the repetition suggests a rather juvenile perception of sexual prowess as somehow defining a successful or worthy life, but let’s not dwell on the negatives.

So, a few things here:

  1. I’m not gonna stop doing something that keeps me amused during my work downtime just because some rando online asks me to. You’re not that important, or that influential (claims of you speaking for everyone here notwithstanding).

  2. I don’t love Blizzard, which should be pretty obvious to anyone who bothers to read my posts honestly. If I loved Blizzard, I wouldn’t encourage people to stop playing their games when they don’t enjoy them. And guess what? The minute I stop enjoying Hearthstone, I’ll be gone too! This relationship is entirely transactional, which is the only rational approach in a capitalist system.

  3. The fact that you think I’m trying to stifle complaints suggests your reading comprehension is poor. Which is worrisome, but I’m sure you can get better if you work at it! What I was doing in the post you quoted (and what should be obvious to anyone with reading skills above the fifth grade) is that OP’s initial point was awfully vague, which makes it difficult to engage with his argument. As a counterpoint, I then provided some examples of new decks I personally found entertaining, in hopes of either get OP to explain which kinds of decks they miss, or to provide them with options of decks they might find interesting (if not always great in terms of winrate).

You’re the one berating a random dude online for having a high post count. If anyone needs to go offline and hang out with a friend, it’s probably you. Have fun!


Tldr… hahahahaha

Your name is perfect, you are so maaaaaad xD


Your name is nearly perfect. You are not epic.


Agreed. The game is a trash because people have made it trash. Brainless idiots and devs have ruined it and made it fit for morons. Community here is consisted of idiots who are growing more idiotic by the day.


You claim to have been playing for years? I don’t buy that for a second. If you had been playing for years then you should already know that this is how things are at the beginning of each year.

And you should also know that it has nothing to with this expansion, but instead, know that it is because they just got rid of three expansions and replaced them with one single expansion.

This is why you are seeing a drop in variety and uniqueness of decks. We just simply don’t have enough cards to support creativity and uniqueness.

6 to 8 months from now we will, once again, have a lot of cards to work with, which will lead to inventive decks and a variety of different ways to create them.

And once the new year begins, we will start all over again, resetting back to what we have today.


I’m going to retract this statement solely because of how fun the single player mode Is, I see they just put all their efforts on that instead of the cards that came in it