Hearthstone is pretty bad right now

Between Tony Druid in Standard, random games having Anomalies which favor one player drastically and every game just being a who can scam each other faster I’m feeling very frustrated and actually mad when playing Hearthstone right now.

I think the new Yogg titan is the main problem because it facilitates a very solitaire gameplay pattern in which people build up their combo all game while ignoring you and as soon as they are in trouble they just play 0 mana Yogg to win back the board while still spending their turn building their combo since Yogg comes out for free.

The game is just super annoying and frustrating right now, every time I’m playing or watching a friend or streamer play all you see is people getting frustrated and calling the game trash, nobody is enjoying this crap right now.


It’s ok. Blizzard doesn’t mind if people aren’t enjoying the game. As long as they still play, they’re income for Blizzard.

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Am I the only one who has never even seen a Tony Druid?

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They make up about 52% of all games for people who have 11x bonus

This is the problem to some extent.

If people are always saying it’s bad then when it is actually good?

Isn’t legend where the “BS” is meant to happen in the sense that this is the tendency when people try their hardest?

Not saying it should be unbalanced but we really reaching the point where even the ones at the top are having their feelings hurt?

Other than that i really don’t how to even “fix” this without basically reset the metagame to the pre miniset meta.
What would be kinda bad too.

The whole game needs a reset.


Rayray is correct. At this point I’m full League of Shadows on this game. Hearthstone is beyond saving and must be allowed to die.

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Want to kill it. If people can’t stop playing it; literally make their servers go boom boom.

Okay maybe I’m not FULL League of Shadows.

Allow to die = good
Actively kill without consent = bad

My point is that the “forever game” model is bad and at some point we need to iterate on past failures and MOVE ON

But developers of gaming industry fear two of greatest thing. Fear of Risk and Fear of Change.

They won’t mentally and physically. People has feared change and fear risking something that may benefit them. And I too experience it.

Or adapt to the ever changing game and enjoy it for what it is.

I still don’t understand why people that hate the game so much hang around the forums and whine?

don’t worry, as soon as microsoft puts the game behind xbox gamepass kids will take over the game and we can move on.

I feel stupid playing the game right now. If I get Tony/Jailor’d on 7, I’m like, “This is a game for idiots, and I really am one of them.”

Well put

Can someone get Ras Al Ghul on the line? No…

Oh, I know, Bane! He was always capable… No…

Well, um, his daughter, maybe… okay…

Solomon Grunde. Thats the real muscle that can get things done within the Legion of Doom. Good luck with your Dark Jedi batman villains. (Qui-Al-Guulinn)(Bane-Vader)(Princess Whatever the lady from Inception).

Solomon Grunde born on a Monday. Yeah

I hate to say it, but I don’t trust the company as a whole to do anything worth the time given their record the past ten years or so. Look at OW “2” and it’s pve.

I know the teams are separate, but all the “Blizz” IPs have fallen into the dumpster, overweight with monetization and ALL focus on profit rather than a balance between profit and a proper, fun game to play.