Hearthstone is complete crap now

Hearthstone has finally reached a point where all modes suffer so much from powercreep, imbalance, broken cards, and insane amounts of broken RNG that it’s hard to play a match with an outcome being determined strategy.

For the most part, Hearthstone is a crap card game now, and the sad part is that current broken game state, which renders hearthstone into the worse play experience in its history was completely predictable and avoidable.

Since year one, developers were cautioned against the inclusion of so many overpowered cards and the dangers including so many powerful RNG effects. The problems were obvious early on, in light of a design philosophy that said “we want turns to feel powerful.”

As Hearthstone developed it was obvious that poor balance had to result in things like Wild Mode and Hall of Fame cards. In the last year, even Standard feels ridiculously broken. There is no constructed mode that feels balanced enough that it’s worth investing money or time into.

Simply put, Hearthstone is not much of a strategy game any more—it’s mostly a broken RNG-clown-fiesta of a game, where players are hoping to draw their broken “I-win” cards or combos first.

Frankly, I have mostly ignored constructed modes during the last year, since the play experience is so poor and not worth investing time or money into.

I have played more Arena this year than I ever have, since it provides a more diverse play experience than constructed does, but Arena also suffers greatly from very poorly balanced cards, such as Raid Boss Onyxia, and currently cards like Sire Denathrius, which is usually an “I-win” card when it gets played.

Normally, I would make suggestions for improving the game, but that’s kind of moot when I have been warning developers not to create the kinds of imbalances that they go ahead to create and embrace anyways. The sad state of Hearthstone is really the resulting mess of a design philosophy that refuses to be curbed.


This whole community is toxic! The people who play these games make me feel embarrassed.


Everything is unbalance right now, I can’t even win a single match due to bad rng and overpower class heroes.


That is why we deleted that game


Yeah. I know the feeling.


I am so sick of 40 health decks. I want that card to go wild now and never come back to standard. Stupid.


I was about to make a thread stating these exact things…SO I am very glad to see that this is a feeling more players are experiencing with HS. There is no out thinking or out playing opponents anymore. It’s simply do I draw my busted broken OP pile of horsecrap before they do.



Put these 5 cards in any deck and instantly becomes tier S. One can fill the rest of the deck with 25 Tinyfins, it really doesn’t matter.

Really lazy and bad design. For a seasoned developer to came up with something so nonsensical could only for one reason:

They want us to spend a fortune on these cards and then nerf them to uselessness (due to popular requests). Doubling the profit.


You’re totally right game is broken af


That’s true, had a decent game going on, between my Warrior and a Priest, played about 20 minutes, then he plays some 10 cost spell Purity or something card and wins the game. What a waste of time. If that’s how some people want to win the game, it’s allowable cheating really, so much for the playability of the game.


It doesn’t really matter if you start with 40 health when many classes can slam you with Denathrius’ battlecry repeatedly. Apparently the devs were not satisfied that only one class had a one shot kill card(priest), so they gave everyone a one shot kill as long as you’re willing to stick to playing lots of minions or being a scummy druid who uses spells to summon hordes of them lol.


but I believe only 3 classes can really abuse Sire. Druid, Shaman and Mage

Unfortunately, This ^ kind brokenness in Standard impacts even Arena. I lost three Arena games in a row for similar reasons, despite having drafted a fairly strong Mage deck with three Frozen Touch.

The way a lot of matches play out these days, both player may as well have a huge slot machine handle that they can pull each turn for a random chance of winning.

I spent most of the last five days playing Texas Hold’em online turning 1.5 million in chips into 3.1 million in chips at the cheap tables, and I felt like I had more control over winning than I do in Hearthstone these days.

I think it’s sad when poker can provide better entertainment than most Hearthstone formats can right now.


Yeah, I’m done with this game, I have better sh!t to do.


No rogue and lock can too probably all classes

Hearthstone has been complete crap for years, you are just catching on now.


Can confirm lock can abuse it. I put Sire in my implock deck because I didn’t wanna craft Rafaam in case of nerfs and if you make it to turn 10, he’s usually doing 20+ from all the 1/1 imp infusions

To be fair, as much as i dont like the design philosophy either and besides how often the dev team has contradicted itself, they said from the very beginning that Hearthstone will be a casual experience where a lot of crazy stuff happens.

If you want serious competition with high strategic value, i suggest Magic, because Hearthsone will never be what you expect from it. Never. It will just become more bonkers.

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With my rogue I had a 45-50dmg sire for 20 turns…lmaoo

I have been providing feedback designed to warn the design team of the inevitable pitfalls of its design philosophy, while using analogies like, on the game’s current path, it’s just a matter of time before Hearthstone “jumps the shark.”

Or “companies who treat their games as gimmicks or fads that must be quickly milked for all the money that can be made before players move on to the next big fad, actually end up transforming the game (which has the potential for some amazing longevity) into a fad and thereby end up driving their own player-base away.”

Hearthstone has missed some gigantic opportunities to make the game better, but it has also misses some gigantic opportunities to make 10 to 100 times the profit that it has achieved.

I remember being between rounds at a Magic tournament and being asked by some TSR reps to play-test a new CCG of theirs called Spellfire and to give my opinions. After playing some, I told the reps that the game had some potential but in its current form it was too crudely designed to play: the games mechanics needed a major overhaul, and some glaring balance issues needed to be addressed.

In response, the reps scoffed at me, and told me that the game was done and that it would be on the shelves of Barnes and Noble within the next month as it is. To which, I responded with: “That’s sad, this game will die a quick death, and have no chance for a future.”

Unbeknownst to me at the time, TSR’s deal with Barnes and Noble included a buy back clause for any booster boxes that failed to sell in a set period time. Spellfire failed and it pretty much bankrupted TSR, and TSR was scooped up by another gaming company.

When I played a lot of Magic in Michigan, there were nearly 30 different businesses within 30 minutes to 90 minutes of driving time that hosted Magic tournaments. This number slowly dried up to less than five business, which triggered me to write WotC a doom-full sounding letter with listed six things that I felt needed to be done ASAP to save the tournament scene in most U. S. states.

Mark Rosewater personally wrote me back to say that “Magic was alive and well” and that there was no need to implement any of my suggestions. But it was not lost on me that several of my suggestions were implemented within a few months and that all of them were in place by the end of the year.

Again, this an example of designers truly not completely understanding what they have in their game or it’s true potential.

WoW went through similar developmental issues: It focused on a single demographic (end-game raiders) while ignoring nearly every other demographic group who played their game (to point of crushing what was fun for those other demographics) until they had such a huge hemorrhagic loss of subscriptions that they panicked and shifted most of their new designs to cater to casuals, which made Wow a 100 times worse than it had already become, and laying the foundation for a demand for WoW Classic servers—a move that I have no idea about how well it worked, since I stopped playing WoW before Classic happened.

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