Hearthstone CPU 150% +

Hearthstone is running over 150% CPU, closer to 160-170 currently. Why is it so high? How can I reduce it and improve performance?

|Model Name:|MacBook Pro 2018

| Model Identifier:|MacBookPro15,1|
| Processor Name:|6-Core Intel Core i7|
| Processor Speed:|2.6 GHz|
| Number of Processors:|1|
| Total Number of Cores:|6|
| L2 Cache (per Core):|256 KB|
| L3 Cache:|9 MB|
| Hyper-Threading Technology:|Enabled|
| Memory:|16 GB|
| Boot ROM Version:|1037. (iBridge: 17.16.16065.0.0,0)|


Just having high CPU usage of itself isn’t usually a problem unless your macbook is overheating, and you’ve got 6 cores on your Macbook’s CPU. You have over 400% CPU headroom to spare still. What kinds of performance problems are you having, and when did they start?

Felt like it was running hot, the fan was going pretty loud. I only just noticed yesterday, since i usually play on ipad pro (which was having connectivity problems, but thats a whole other thing). CPU is more under control today (70-80%) but if you say those higher numbers are not out of the ordinary, then ok.


There’s always the possibility that a deck tracking addon or other program on your PC is making the game run harder than normal, but unless you see poor gameplay, just having high CPU usage is fine. If you find you have performance trouble try uninstalling any deck trackers, close all background programs, and restart your mac. Usually that’ll fix up any conflicts.

I also have this problem and it persists when there are no other applications open, after I’ve reset the MBP and also performed SRC resets etc. I’ve pretty much tried everything and the CPU never drops below %95. I have a maxed out 16" MBP and the fan noise is annoyingly loud even with noise cancelling headphones on.

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With do you assume that the problem is on the user side?
Either by using DT’s or programs in the background?
It would more simplier to admit that Hearthstone isn’t designed to be performant in all platforms which would be better than suggesting solutions that require users to disable other app(login items).

BTW network/disk/memory wise hearthstone doesn’t required to much resources but I would like to know what the app is doing in background to have such high CPU usage