Hearthstone Battlegrounds board not able to be favourited

I have recently purchased the Halloween Hearthstone Battlegrounds pack containing some hero portraits and a board. The board is available in my collection, but I can’t favorite it.

I have already tried to repair and reinstall Hearthstone fully, but to no avail. Has it been correctly rewarded to my account? The hero portraits were in my collection. There is also a weird issue with my hero selection for a while; it contains a (1) as if there is something new, but there hasn’t been for a while now.

Thank you for any information.

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Did you click on the button which displays all heroes and then went to the hero Barov? He caused this issue in my collection.

Same here, purchased the murloc board and i am not able to equip it.

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+, I have the same problem


I purchased the Jade Gardens board in the shop. It’s in my collection, but I cannot favorite it. I thought it might be a case in which the boards randomly cycle, but I haven’t seen it yet after several games.