Haven't been able to play on cellular data for months

Hello, I play on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and for months now I have only been able to play when on WiFi. I can have perfect cellular connection and the app will not open. Every time I try without WiFi I get stuck on the loading screen when you first open the app. The logo lights up and dims for eternity and I can never get past it. If I am playing on WiFi and lose my connection I am immediately kicked out, even with full 4G.

I’ve tried everything to fix this. I have cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled Hearthstone multiple times, and changed my password as recommended. None of this works. I keep hoping every time the app is updated that the issue will be fixed, but so far nothing has changed.

it has been posted and answered time and time again in the technical support forum

Care to post a link then smart guy?

i could if i want, but with that attitude no. you can find it just as easily as me.