Haven't been able to access my account for a month

It has now been over a month that I have not been able to open hearthstone. Every time I try opening I just get the same HS:NGRESULT DB ERROR:303:0 Error. Support won’t help, everytime I do what you guys say in these forums they just ignore me. I dont know what to do at this point other than make a fraud claim with my bank. You guys have taken my money, locked me out of my account, and ignored me. Its just a joke at this point.

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Hey there!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out regarding this error. I am sorry to hear that this issue has prevented you from enjoying Hearthstone and I understand that frustration in this sort of situation can be considerable.

That said, I see that you have started a few threads as well as replied in the primary thread regarding this account-level issue and I know that you simply want to see this issue resolved. I can confirm that the underlying problem causing this error to occur has been resolved, though it’s possible the fix was not retroactive for your account. However, we can only fix this issue through the Support ticket system since we cannot help with account-related issues here in the forums.

I can see that you have a couple of tickets submitted, and our support team will make their way to it so that we can fix this issue once and for all. We aren’t able to individually expedite this process as each ticket is handled in the order that it is submitted/received.

I hope that this helps shed light on the situation and I appreciate your patience and understanding. Let us know if you have any questions going forward.

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