Guesses on New Hero Card


Dr. Boom and Hagatha are already heroes. Rafaam obviously got a non-Hero legendary, so it’s fair to rule him out. Madame Lazul is getting a Hero portrait, which makes me doubt they’d also give her the Hero card. I’m calling Togwaggle as the new Rogue Hero card due to the top hat. Top hats are always worn by nefarious characters in WoW and HS so it suits the class.

Any other guesses?


Gotta be mage, sorry, but they’re literally taking the hardest hit when they lose Jaina so I’m pretty certain it’s a mage hero.

Also It’s Dalaran, there’s nothing but mages there!



Baku being hall of famed is making mage take another hard hit because odd mage was the quickest way to activate jan’alai and losing that means mages will have even less decks I mean sure jan’alai will still be used for mages it’ll just be much harder and back to the topic mage will probably get a hero portrait because it seems like the weakest class gets a hero portrait.


There will be no new hero cards, it has been confirmed:

Peter Whalen (LegendaryFerret)

@zxwwwwwww Nope. With the Death Knights going to wild, it felt like a good time to take a break and just have the 3 from the Year of the Raven in standard. Also nice since it means we can highlight the E.V.I.L. League as a whole rather than showcase one that’s special.


Gotta be for Driud, Hero Nat Pagle The Fishacard King, seeing as they like to draw so damn much


Rafaam, the Supreme Archeologist, 8 mana neutral legend, Battlecry - For rest if game restore 3 health to your hero when you cast a spell. Your hero power becomes Archeology. Gain 8 armor.

Archeology- 2 cost- Add a wild legal explore ungoro spell to your hand.


It really could be Kalec in his human form as Mage

But I’m going mage all the way. Possibly one of the council of six


I think a problem could be that DK are rotating out in year of the dragon. So only a few heroes will have hero cards. Dr boom and Hagatha. This will make both of these classes better.


And Zul’Jin +++++++++


Yeah, I saw there are going to be no new Hero cards after posting this. Sad, but I understand why they would want to take a break from how strong the DK cards were.


Where does it say that, sry. <— Lazy and unobservant


Peter Whalen stated it on Twitter that the devs are taking a break from Hero cards this expansion.


Dalaran is a small, magocratic nation founded originally as a city-state by Arathi magi near the coast of Lordamere Lake in Lordaeron. It is ruled by the Kirin Tor. Its capital, also called Dalaran, was recently moved to Northrend during the war against the Lich King, and then to the Broken Isles during the third invasion of the Burning Legion.I bet on mage new hero ;p


Some of you guys have to be really really blind. It has been said two times in this thread that there will be NO NEW HERO CARDS next expansion.


Monk is going to be my guess


Yeah it has been confirmed no new hero cards. Which come on. Its a great thing. I love my DKs but getting 4-6 Doomguards back when you drop Guldan is nuts.
However i do find it troubling that there will be 3 hero cards still im std for a while.

Could give those classes an extra oomph that the others lack. Speculation at best til rotation of course.


It’s definitely Going to be Warlock probably turn jarraxus into a hero card. Oh wait… Hes already one! With Gul’dan rotating out Lord J might just become viable and see some play.