Guess the Weight Bug

In duels, playing a druid deck against a bomb warrior.

I played guess the weight… I drew a 2 mana card. I guessed “lower” because I did not want to draw a bomb that cost 5.
Indeed a bomb came up. But the bomb was deemed a ‘correct’ answer to being lower than 2. It then drew it and it blew up.

If the guess the weight card said… draw the next card and if you guess correctly, keep it, otherwise return it… I would be find with the above. However, based on the language of the card, I don’t believe checking to see the cost of the next card is considered a draw.
And I don’t believe 5 is less than 2. Fairly confident on that. If the bomb should be treated as a zero mana as it cast when drawn, put 0 on the cost (which will impact the deck of lunacy interaction…)

You played Guess The Weight and drew a 2 cost card. You then selected Lower. The next card was drawn as a comparison which was Bomb, triggering Casts When Drawn. The card drawn after Bomb was drawn by Bomb, not by Guess The Weight.

Had you selected Higher, you would have drawn an extra card after Bomb’s Cast When Drawn effect finished.

Remember, Casts When Drawn always draws a card to replace the Casts When Drawn card as part of its effect.

Doesn’t really make much sense because Guess the Weight doesn’t draw two cards, it draws one then checks the cost of the second one. If things went down exactly as the poster says, the bomb should have never been Drawn (just revealed then put back in the deck) so the keyword shouldn’t have triggered

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This is incorrect, Guess the Weight doesn’t draw the second card when checking the cost.

If there’s a replay, it would help see exactly what happened and what might have caused the bomb to go off. The most likely explanation is that you misclicked and guessed higher, but it might be an issue with cast when drawn cards.

I unfortunately do not have a replay (hsreplay, etc), but I did review the recently played cards on the left and it confirmed that I clicked “lower”