Gruul the Dragonkiller Fight Temporarily Disabled

Hey everyone,

We’ve temporarily disabled the Gruul the Dragonkiller fight in Trial by Felfire Challenges due to an unforeseen issue. We’ll update here once we’ve got the fight back online.

UPDATE: We’re planning to deploy a server hotfix later today that will bring the fight with Gruul the Dragonkiller back online. Gruul’s Hero Power in the fight will have the same functionality as it did previously but will use art and animations from Boom Bot Brood, a Hero Power from past Tavern Brawls, until we’re able to fix the issue in our next major patch.

UPDATE #2: We’ve run into an issue with the hotfix, so the Gruul the Dragonkiller fight is still disabled. We’ll update here with more information soon.

UPDATE #3: We’re expecting the Gruul fight to be back online with our next major patch, as a fix is in the works but will require a new client build. Thanks for your patience.