Giving druid bloom while Kael‘ Thas is ingame was a mistake

The combination of druids 0 mana spells with kael and now bloom, animal guardians and the +4+4 spell breaks the game. Again a 0 Mana Card and Mana Cheat combos that lead to broken combos. They never learn


It will be nerfed (one of these days…).

I’m usually not that scared of Druid being 4 mana crystals ahead of me these days. But the new stuff is surprisingly scary.

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hmm so how many cards does this combo has

counted 4 just from the named cards

Druid has the draw though, with bloom more than one bs combo is possible.


It’s an 8 card combo.

Going second you can potentially draw the combo and play it on turn 3.

I don’t know how to do the hyper geometric distribution to figure out the exact chance of it happening, but it won’t be a common occurrence.

You don’t need Kael for it though.

Just pure mana ramp into Guardians does it. Especially with a draw 2 beast.

Way too many of the new cards are broken. Best thing is to wait and see.

Watch fenos stream as long its up. Each game he destroyed his opponent when he played guardians or kael into something He wantet to delete all so it doesn’t get nerfed befor release.

Starts off scary, then it gets annoying.

class priest can kick whole combo whit new legendary minion “2mana”
even can clear all 5+ attak minion very easy multiple time …

There is no point playing hearthstone right after an expansion. Let blizzard pull out the nerf bat at least 2x after players frustrate themselves playing an unbalanced game (and thereby balance it for blizzard for free.)

Even after two rounds of nerfs I doubt things will be balanced, but at least they will be closer to a balanced meta. Then roll in, figure out what works and enjoy the labour of the frustrated player base that came before you.

Else, you can always just quit and play games made by developers who make an effort to balance.


All giving druid’s 0 cost especially, and maybe 1 cost, spells does is make their hand holding ttk or otk decks in wild stronger. Hand’s are harder to play against and interact w / disrupt than…the board. We don’t have rush for hands, just rush for the board, which is much more useless in wild.

Druid’s share cards w hunter this expansion, lol, hunter’s i’m pretty sure got 0 playable let alone op wild cards. Like, wild hunter just passes on the whole expansion pretty much. “dont affect their hand or deck, don’t affect your health armor draw or mana, just affect what they play on the board, and give them a body to dump cards into”.

Like wild hunter’s in severe problem mode, like complete ER level.
I mean our best card this expansion is just a slower nerubian that can self-open if your opponent actually plays an early minion and you can afford to survive a whole turn for the mattering-stats to do something, or run h/master and get lucky on an early hit. Imagine some qmage loling at your 1/2 d/r, it’s perfectly going “ok dump on this, activate your mana cheat” while ur like "ok if that 4/4 comes out or if i hit h/master im so gg’ jaina’s like nope sorry glhf.

Druids got it easy, hunters are like help we can’t do anything beyond rush.

Bloom is going to be in a tier 1 deck but its going to be tier 1 aggro shaman and aggro druid.