George hero in the Dalaran Heist adventure

Hello, I have issues with the heroic Dalaran Heist. I try to get the 3rd hero ability of George The Fallen. It says that I need to loose 25 divine shields to unlock it. But whatever i do, the counter is stuck at 7/25. I lose my divine shields, make enemy lose theirs, nothing works.
Have anyone else experienced this?

Hello, have you tried scan and repair? it works for me when I had the issue unsure if you have the same issue as me. I’ve experience this when I first try it. After I wipe out my account to start fresh, I forgot how to do it. I’m sure other players can help you.

Nope, doesn’t work.
I also have the same issue with another account on another device.

I’m having the same issue at 0/25

bump…this bug still exist…popped over 40 and credit still at 0…scan and repair also doesn’t fix it

Finally fixed on my end