Gameplay problem when playing demon who sacrifices our life

This problem occur a lot to me and also certainly to a big group of other players when playing this compo in battleground.

You’ll play with the early demons who sacrifices your hp to get some stats, totally normal. Then you want to get firstly the one who rewinds your life and then you start playing a lot of demons who requires a bit of your hp.

But! You face an opponent who got the chance to beat you in a fight and and it puts you at 30 hp and 1 armor.

AND THERE, you have the problem, each time that you’ll play a card who requies your health, it’ll play a ULTRA SLOW animation who shows that you lost your armor and then it gets rewinded.

So it’ll make you lose like a ton of time (I’ll say… 10 seconds for each card requiring hp) and if you try to play like a ton of demons and try scrolling with hp, you’ll lose mostly 3/4 of your turn due of this animation.

Globally, I consider this as a gameplay problem for the player, because it’ll cause a massive slowdown for the scaling of your board.