Game will not start IOS v12.1.4 iPad

The hearthstone app will open on iOS then stick on the loading page. The app will not show any options for play etc.

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I’m having the exact same issue. Im playing from an iphone 8, i’ve never had a problem until today. The game just freezes right after the Hearthstone title and you are left with the glowing hearthstone. Restarts and installs dont seem to help.

Same issue!! Iphone 6 stuck at the saloon doors.

Game is undergoing maintenance until 10 AM PST. That’s probably what is causing the issue.

Yup just saw that myself. Try again in about a half hour then report back.

How is it that this is our only form of support for mobile platforms?! The support page points us to our os page which is obviously clueless and could care less about any issues we have.