Game unplayable after the last patch

disconnected eery turn. barely getting my turn through before rope burns out, not an internet issue on my end.


Same here, keeps dropping out every turn and I end up losing the games…Please fix this Blizzard.

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Im having the same exact issue. Constant freezing & disconnecting. Hard to make it through a single game. I’ve tried graphics settings, graphics card driver changes, uninstall & reinstall & nothing working. I use Windows 7 btw.

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Oh, finally, someone else has the same problem.
I’m totally agree, after the last patch I’m facing about 5-10 disconnecting per each game.
That issue is only while I’m playing on PC. Blizzard, we need a hot fix…It is really annoying AH.
By the way, I tried hard to fix it, and went through all tech guides, so the problem is inside the game.

Hey there,

Noticed your connection is coming through a VPN/cloud service. Does the same problem happen while the VPN is disabled?

Let us know. Cheers!

I have been having this same problem. I am not on vpn. I have tried many other games and hearthstone is the only one with the constant lag and stuttering. Both internet connectivity and game performance are extremely low for some reason. Sometimes i get an error and have to restart, sometimes the game soft locks and just loops on the fade out screen, and sometimes it just hard locks and i have to force it closed.

NO VPN here either. This is insane. Ive tried everything. It has to be the patch. I can play WOW with zero trouble.