Game TOO expensive!


I said this 2 years ago. HS will start pushing out decks every 60 days. I still think itll backfire even though they are making huge bank right now. I believe the avg player will get fed up very swiftly with this every 60 day new deck push. I know what every card does by looking at the pic or hearing them. But as of right now I cant enjoy the rise of shadow new cards I just got without HS already pushing a new line of cards down my throat. Not happy about these deck pushes. At minimum 4 months. The two is very extreme & its an expense. Thats 6* 79.99 basically a year. And you are not guaranteed every card at all so its even higher unless you play like I do and have 10k to 14k dust every 60 days. Well enjoy. Kay.
BTW: I read some replies. Some of you need to stay in school. Especially the ones acting like they are so intelligent. Mean no disrespect but some of you are way out there.


truth be told. Most are copy kats. They never made a deck. By day 3 of a new expac they just need 30 cards and they are done. Its harsh for the actual collector that makes there own decks. But the copy kats should be happy…Nope couldnt resist :). Kay



Probably gonna get some hate here, but it would be interesting if they had physical cards as well as digital. Kind of like how Age of Sigmar does it. Scanning your cards into the game is awesome, and sharing booster cards with people nets you and them bonuses. At least that way you won’t have to worry about the game shutting down since you’d have the cards IRL as well.

Its interesting playing digital with people on AoS, then meeting up with your buddies and playing in person. Just another way to experience the game.


you aren’t obligated to spend money homie