Game TOO expensive!


This is because at first it was “OOh DK’s Awesome” and 6 months later it was “Gumble grumble Rarrgh DK’s nerf nerf BabyRage.” That would account for the extremely huge spike in revenue followed by a large drop that was still up from where Hearthstone was before the KFT Spike.


Difference is physical card games did that to make up for the money spent making the cards. Hearthstone and digital card games arent like that, Blizzard simply makes a card, and thousands of copies of it can exist.


I am in a similar boat as you. I have spent way to much on this game and hearthstone for sure knows of me as a mighty Whale. I have a full set and over 2300 golden cards atm and have been playing since beta 2013. I got greedy along the way and early on started to go for all golden set. Once I figured out that they were just going to release a boat load of cards each year my dream of all golden vanished. Greed runs the show now and has for some time. I like what you are proposing here but to be honest I don’t see where greedy Blizzard/Activision who now must answer to shareholders will ever do the right thing. I personally don’t see the game lasting more than 2 more years and I will be out all of the money I have spent. Of course they wont give a poo when they pull the plug on this just like they yanked tourneys from HOTS overnight leaving many people who’s livelihood depended on it. Sorry to say they just don’t care and are going to milk this cow till the death.
If you want to check out my over 140 golden legendary collection you can start by watching the first of three videos below

If you would like to see all of my golden collection you would have to go back further in my youtube collection.

Well lets enjoy it why it lasts
GL out there ZEN


Actually the game should be turned into a trading card game, and we should be able to sell our cards for real money as a way to recoup at least a small part of our investment if we ever decide to leave the game.


Oh woops, Artifact tried to do that. I think right now you can buy Artifact full collection for less than the Rise of Shadows mega bundle, but Artifact has its own problems that leave it being almost dead right now.

For Hearthstone, maybe something like trading cards with friends on a limited basis could be cool but this then opens the doorway to abusing free dust by creating new accounts, so perhaps only 1:1 trades would be allowed. That would be pretty cool though, for those less fortunate in pack openings, and would encourage conversation


Would you really like it to be “inexpensive” to just buy the entire collection of a CCG? I wouldn’t. I don’t want to easily get every card and play against others who also just bought everything available. Yeah some people can afford to do that. I’m not rich so i can’t but i don’t go around complaining about it.


Most people know HS is an expensive game to play. Kibler, Toast, and Kripp amongst others have all at one point said on stream that it’s a really expensive game to play and they make bank… So for them to say it yeah lol…

I remember dropping 80$ on the Ungoro expansion which is a lot of money for a game, and getting to craft like 2 decks I wanted to play out of a total of 5. I think I got 3 legendaries and 1 was a complete garbage legendary. There is no question hearthstone is a very expensive game to play.

I love the game, but I would say it’s biggest problem is how expensive it is to play.


“Game is too expensive so i have bought your 80 euros pack”
That’s a legit statement:rofl:


The only investment I make is preordering for great pack per dollar value. Then any pack after that is bought with gold. Its not worth it for me to invest more money then that in a digital game. although anyone who plays a game like league knows how much money we put into skins so paying for cards seems pretty reasonable compared to that.


If you want every card it definitely is really expensive. However if you don’t want every card opening 50 packs should set you for an expansion, and you can earn enough gold to open more than that.


It would be more accurate to say that all dCCGs (not just Hearthstone) allow a player to choose to spend a lot of money if they want to … but no dCCG requires a player to spend a lot of money.

Therefore any perception of “expensiveness” is an illusion, because dCCGs are only expensive if a player chooses for them to be expensive. I.E. If a person thinks a CCG is expensive then it’s their fault for overspending on cards they don’t really need to have.


50 Packs doesn’t really set you up for a good deck. It really depends what you get, if RNG gives you what you need/want


the game is literally free.


Have fun messing with Tusker.


I mean the whole buying cards system is just a lottery in a way.


Wow, you have no clue how the real world works do you? I can try to explain but you’ll probably still be confused. It’s okay you’re leaving anyway, bye. Take care.


Thinking about this now, you remember the whole Overwatch lootbox gambling fiasco?

What if they start looking into card games and booster packs? Booster packs for card games are quite literally just lootboxes.


so true. I know there is talk about passing a law that loot boxes are a form of gambling. I know i would support this law because of this game. it costs too much.


Because there are idiots on this forum who defends Blizz’s greed.


How is it expensive?
Just do dailies everyday. That’s equivalent to at least 60 free packs by the end of every 4 months. 60 packs gives you at least 2 legendary cards unless it’s not your first 60 packs.
Weekly brawls give 1 free pack and sometimes more.
Free packs and cards every event or expansion.