Game stuck on the saloon doors


I can’t play HS on my PC and laptop the game always stuck on the saloon doors
I’ve tried reinstalled the game delete cache, restart my router
or even some weird stuff I foun on the internet like update my payment method or my address, nothing work so far.
I don’t use any 3rd party anti virus just the windows defender which I’ve tried to disable real time scan, doesn’t work.
I’d like to think that is a connection problem but
I can play on my S8 phone which using the same network
I finally ran out of thing to try
so is there something like a technical support person that I can chat with?


Got same problem. Downloaded heartstone on new pc and I’m stuck on saloon doors. On my second pc or moblile it works fine.


Do either of you use Citrix?

Posting a DxDiag might help (or error logs).


Hey there,

If the issue is device specific, I’d first suggest running a Malware scan. If the scan comes back clean, try disabling all security software temporarily then retest the game.

This should help rule out both security threats and security software blocking the game.


can I get some help as well Im having the same issue on my mac


Hey everyone, As mentioned previously this issue is most often caused by security software, malware or some other software conflict. This is almost certainly the case in situations where you can play on one system and not another.

If the above mentioned steps does not seem to help the issue we can look into this further but we need some additional system information.

Can you gather the following:

System Reports

and send an email To:
Subject: Forum post: Game stuck on the saloon doors

Attach the system report file to the email and send that to us.