Game Stuck on Tavern Door Screen (PC)

I believe the latest update/hotfix has stopped me from entering the game.

I can launch the game and get to the tavern doors but the Hearthstone logo at the top doesn’t flash/animate like it usually does as it loads in before the menu screen appears.

Can we roll back to the previous version?

I’m running a very decent PC and it launches and plays World of Warcraft on the highest settings with no problems. I believe the update I downloaded today has caused this.

Hey there Andrew,

It is not possible to revert to a previous version unfortunately. Overall we haven’t seen any widespread issues with the latest patch causing players to be unable to connect.

I’d recommend going through the troubleshooting here:
Can’t Connect to Hearthstone on Desktop or Laptop

I had no idea there was a scan and repair feature! I tried that first and it worked, thank you.

I will certainly remember this in the future!

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