Game Freezing, shuttering, disconnecting making it impossible to play

I’ve been playing Hearthstone for years & have never had this problem. It all started since latest patch. For the last 2-3 weeks I haven’t been able to finish more than 1 duel & 1 if im lucky. When ever theirs the slightest little graphics display my game starts to freeze. It will freeze then unfreeze then freeze again until it starts disconnecting & when its able to reconnect I end up with no time on my turn. I can go to the practice play area & finish a game but matches against other players its impossible.

The worst is battle grounds, it starts off running smooth and the more cards that come into play with special graphics effects makes it progressively worse. Then during the battle phase it just freezes until the next card select phase. I have tried reinstalling, every display option & even tried some fixes ive found threw research & nothing is working. Like I said ive been playing for years & recently have been playing WOW with no issues at all. Im on Ethernet & my network is fine. I was thinking of buying some bundles for the next release but until this gets resolved theirs no use.

Like ive stated it freezes when theirs any kind of special graphics effects in response to card play or damage. Its almost like my graphics hardware is being overwhelmed but it shouldn’t be at all. I have tried graphics driver rollback but like I said it just started out of the blue & the only significant change was the patch. BTW I have a GTX960 2gig, 16 gig of ram & a FX8350, with no overheating issues & Windows 7. Please respond if you’ve had the same issues or have any fix ideas & it would really be nice Blizzard could solve this.