Game crashing / frozen at startup

Since today, my Hearsthone game on Windows 10 is not starting properly. The game gets stuck on the loading page (with the picture of the closed doors, no text). And nothing happens, the game just hangs there, and I have to kill the process before trying again.

Everything was working fine until this morning, and I haven’t updated any drivers, nor installed any hardware, not did any changes to software, nor did any changes to hardware, including my router.

Modern Warfare is still launching normally.

Here’s what I did:
Deleted the “Hearthstone” folder in the %appdata% folder. It did nothing.
Selected to start the game as administrator. No change.
Selected “Repair game”. It did nothing.
Deleted the game completely, and re-installed. It did nothing.
Of course, each time I tested after re-booting my windows.

What should I do?

What’s weird is that I am having this same issue but on mobile. Played last night with no issues but this morning had some weird disconnect bugs and then after closing the game I cannot get back in

Same, was fine last night, then now it’s telling me to update but there is no update in the play store. Could play on windows, but then tried phone again and no luck.

I fixed my own issue. The next day, after installing the game again, I got a notification from the firewall (Windows Defender) asking me to allow Hearthstone to access the internet. No idea where that came from, I never changed any rules in the first place. Still, as soon as I accepted, the game launched normally again.

So, that could have been the reason why the game was frozen. Weird bug.

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