Game Crashing After Every Win

Game over screen goes foggy, game is not interactable, only way to fix is to close and reopen game. Happens after wins, losses/concedes work and move on to the lobby menu as expected.
Fresh install, system reboot, updating various drivers doesn’t seem to remove the problem.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Same issue here, happens after every win on three different computers (all are mac). Probably has something to with our Bilzzard accounts?

If you lose during the game, it goes normally, but if you win, that’s what happens. It is like a cell phone or a computer.

I’m having the exact same issue. I’m going to have to submit a ticket because this happened on my 1,000th warrior win, and when I restarted it gave me credit for the win, but did not allow me to get the new warrior portrait. :frowning:

Issue still happening.

Not fixed. Started happening after 500th win.

I’m having it as well. Exact same scenarios

Solved: Claim the golden hero border from achievements and that will fix this issue

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I opened a support ticket, went through their steps of checking iOS settings, etc… all the hoops and it didn’t work. Then they posted this and closed the ticket:

“ If all the steps have been tried there isn’t anything else we can recommend at this time, we only soft support Hearthstone on phones/tablets. Please contact Apple for more assistance and/or post on the Hearthstone bug forums.”

That is beyond pathetic. It is an issue with their app and a user has to find the fix.

Hey all,

This seems to be due to a new bug that our Hearthstone developers are working to fix. After winning a match if your selected class has completed an achievement for 500 / 1000 wins but has not claimed the reward (portrait) the game will get stuck.

To resolve this go into your Journal → Achievements and claim the reward for winning 500 / 1000 games with that class. This will give you the portrait and should prevent the stuck issue.

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