Game Crashes Every time I press 'Play' or 'Tavern Brawl'



I hope someone can help. I can start the app and get to the Hearthstone homescreen just fine, but whenever I try to play a duel or a tavern brawl or look at my collection, the game freezes and crashes. Strangely enough, the Arena function seems to be working perfectly.

I did a bit of a troubleshooting search online, and I found some old posts saying you should try clearing the cache/ clearing App data and doing an asset download/ and deleting and reinstalling the App. Unfortunately none of these fixes worked for me.

Does anyone have a valid and up to date solution to this problem? I’m using an OPPO R9S with a ColorOS operating system, running Android version 6.0.1

Thanks in advance,


I’m having this same issue as well and have been having it since the dalaran patch. The issue is not the phone either because i have 2 accounts and the other works just fine. My main account however does exactly what you’re saying and I’ve made multiple posts and seen others and i haven’t gotten any responses.


Could one of the tech support moderators please chime in and help out with this? Seems like it’s not an isolated thing. As you can see, at least two players have posted about this. I’m sure others have encountered this problem, too.



I’ve been having the exact same problem. Any playmode that requires accessing my collection or decks freezes the game (play mode, practice, my collection, tavern brawl using my cards) while all other game modes work fine. It only affects one of my accounts.

I’ve reinstalled multiple times to test stuff recommended in old forum posts without success.

The issue for me is not with the patch downloaded in order to get past the loading screen, but with the second part that downloads while playing. I’ve bypassed the issue by clearing data, reinstalling the first part of the patch, and then switching to mobile data and blocking the in-game patch download. This lets me access play mode and my collection on the impacted account.

Hope this gets fixed soon.


@Stevehimself & AndyS3008

Here’s something that might be useful to you. The game gets stuck if you go straight to play, but I was experimenting a bit, and I’ve found that if I play an Arena or solo mission match first and then press play, I can get through to play on the meta for a bit (still can’t access my collection though)

Its not a real fix and you’ll have to repeat the process next time you start up the game, but you might want to give it a try.


This exact problem has been happening on my Samsung Tablet but not on my phone .Please fix soon not cool :frowning:.