Frequent disconnects/crashes since update

As the title suggests, ever since the latest update, i’ve been frequently crashing and disconnecting when playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds. This is a new problem for me and unsure what to do. I have currently tried a reinstall to see if that helps.


Exactly the same issue, only happening when playing battlegrounds, and atleast in my case, only disconnects the moment combat starts, not always, but when it does, its ALWAYS when combat starts/starts loading.

Yeah… my friends/family and I have been crashing a lot more since the patch it’s actually really annoying.

I’m having the same issue. Multiple disconnects, starting a coupe of days ago. I can’t stay connected longer than 5 minutes, in some situations I get multiple ‘friendly sprites’ messages in less than a minute. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips from related posts; Full shut down/restart, reinstall, flush DNS, reset IP, etc.
No other connectivity problems outside battlenet.

Having the same issue. It seems to be aggravated by viewing the animated parts of the battle pass rewards, at least for me, but that’s not the only cause. In long games sometimes the card icons show as black like there isn’t enough resources available to display the images correctly, quickly followed by the game crashing. Playing on a Windows 10 PC with plenty of memory for Hearthstone.

the game crash and get disconnected in standard and mercenaries too not only on battleground. so frustrating to lose game cause fo those disconnections, and this happen only with battlenet/hearthstone

Same issue except for standard and duels as well. Usually happens when queuing though. Less so when in-match

I’m having the same issue with hearthstone. I can play for like 5-10 minutes before having the game disconnect and reconnect nearly every round of battlegrounds. Eventually it just boots me off completely, with the closed sign coming up.
Done all the recommended “fixes” nothing has helped :frowning:

Running the Hearthstone Repair utility helps a lot with the disconnect issue, but it doesn’t solve it completely. Before I ran it I was disconnecting at least once per battlegrounds match. After running it the game crashes maybe every 4th game-ish.

Same here. Almost every game at least one freeze or disconnect.
I always have to restart the app. It happens mostly on BGS, when the battle starts or while looking for a game
IOS, playing with iPad.
Please fix this.

issues here on the 22nd… If I Launch any game in any mode it proceeds to disconnect me repeatedly.
Whenever I try to play a card - Disconnect
whenever I try to click the end turn button - disconnect

“You were disconnected from your game”
“You were reconnected to your game, resuming”

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