Free Deck Choice - New Player

I’ve been grinding away at apprenticeship and currently sitting at level 5. It won’t be long before I have the choice of choosing a free deck.

Currently, I’ve been running frost dk, a bit of unholy dk and imp warlock on the side. My imp warlock deck doesn’t have any of the legendaries at this stage (Rafaam, Tamsin etc).

Out of the decks available, which of the starter decks would have the most benefit? Currently leaning towards warlock as it is currently performing really well and would get me a couple useful legendaries.


Don’t forget there is a seasonal rotation coming in a few months with the next full expansion. Expansions from 2021 will be rotating out. If I were in your shoes, I would factor in whether the legendaries (and other key cards) you’ll get will be good for another year. Good luck.

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That’s quite helpful, I’ll look into the three expansions rotating out!

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Dont waste your time on this game.