Framerate drops while playing on Pixel 3a

Was directed here by CS after writing this in a ticket. I recently purchased a Pixel 3a and found that the framerate suffers during gameplay. I did not see this issue on my Pixel 2 or Nexus 5X. Framerate doesn’t appear to be affected in the menu, just during gameplay. Can you confirm this is an issue on your Pixel 3a devices as well? Other users have been reporting this as well.


I posted in the EU forum thread. The performance is not good.

Experiencing the same performance issue on my new Pixel 3a… Is there any work around for this? I really don’t believe the hardware on the Pixel 3a can’t handle hearthstone.

I have the same problem. Got a pixel 3a yesterday. I loaded up Hearthstone today only to find that the frame rate is through the floor. All other games I’ve tried seem to run without issue.

Got the same issue.
Had also one game (Archero) that had same issue but after it’s update it fixed framerate drops.
Hope you guys figure out how to fix this issue

Just posting here to say the latest patch improved the performance significantly for me. The game runs much, much better now. The patch notes metioned a newer version of Unity as well as memory optimizations for Mobile: