Forgot gmail but know the battle tag. can anyone look it up for me?


So basically i press change account and can’t recall my email. Can any staff of hearthstone help me look at the type of email i use and part of its name? My battletag is HappyFeet#1127810.


In the top left corner of the forums there should be a “HappyFeet” tab with a down-pointing arrow, beside the “Support” tab.
By clicking on your name and going into “Account Settings” there’s a “YOUR INFORMATION” square where you’ll find your e-mail.


I forgot the happy feet account, so I am logins to another to write this post.


Hello edisonc!

Game Masters can look up accounts based on other details, such as Battletag, but we won’t be able to share any account info on the forum, for privacy reasons.

Account > Recover email address

Best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile: