Forgot Aldrachi Warblades

When I logged into the game it mentioned the changes to the other 3 DH cards. It forgot got mention that a durability was removed from the Aldrachi Warblades.

P. S. Don’t forget to dust your extra copies of the two rares.

I saw that nerf when I logged in. Did you click on the right side arrow to see more changes?


Probably not’’’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’

If you dust them goodluck getting them again…

I have the entire rare set. I’ll get them back in two packs, maximum.

Wait a tic - if I dust them, buy two packs, dust them again, buy two packs…that’s a pretty efficient gold-to-dust conversion…

No you wont, I tried to do that and apparently duplicate protection no longer works so you’re gonna rely on good ol rng to get those rares back.

wait… you CAN’T disenchant it either way?

or am i missing something?

that and Eyebeam are undisenchantable for me.

Remember that you are now also DE protected. So you can’t force the system to give you extras like Regis did in the past with the Patches nerf.

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If you dust them, if you want to play them again, you can craft back for the same cost.

The duplicates go back to being random once you have owned all of a rarity. I got one Antaen in a Arena pack today, but that was random chance.