Forged in the Barrens is NOW LIVE!

Che fine ha fatto la mia polvere?
Mi avete “regalato” un set di carte, il set principale.
Bene, “grazie” ( ? ) , ma le carte che erano già in mio possesso, che fine hanno fatto?
Avevo un Cairne dorato, ho perso la polvere?
Con una più corretta comunicazione da parte vostra, ora avrei avuto 1600 polvere in più (magari fossero solo 1600)

Bonjour, problème identique hier soir mais depuis ce matin c’est réglé. Par contre, j’ai perdu mon deck personnalisé Mage. C’est un autre qui le remplace (un deck standard à priori). Comment retrouver mon deck personnalisé SVP sans avoir à le refaire ? J’avoue que je ne comprends pas tout depuis l’extension…

Who led you to believe this?

I have a question.Sry for my english.
Shouldnt it now be possible to disenchant or craft the former basic cards which are now in the archuv set.
But that doesnt seem to work.
Thanks for answering.

No. The basic set is uncraftable and cannot be disenchanted. There are no plans for that to change.

Hey, its super duper that you guys at blizzard are so ambitious with all this new content and more to come, thats great.

I know nothing about game design or what goes on on the back end of games, but I’m guessing that the client probably needs a massive overhaul or something done to ui interface before moving forward with adding more content. also updates seem to be getting larger and larger.

Take heed of the frustration going on already, client and game is buggy AF. Could be a huge headache for y’all if you keep putting it off…

Anyone have issues claiming FITB pack after watching twitch streams in HS app? I’ve connected my blizzard to twitch and vice versa.

The rules changed for getting drops. Maybe you missed a step.

Please nerf Paladin, penflinger and lunacy deck!

Watched for the full 4 hours, only received one pack. What happen?

I wach all 4 hours and dont recive any pack

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Hey Blizzard. I watched four hours of Hearthstone on Twitch and Twitch shows I’ve claimed two packs, but I don’t have said packs in-game. Also, my Battle.Net account shows as linked in Twitch. What gives?

This is from the support article:

To earn Twitch drop rewards you must link your account to your Twitch account and watch streams from eligible channels during the promotion.

Twitch drops must be claimed on Twitch and can take up to an hour before they will appear in your game.

Twitch drops are not available in certain countries.

Customer Support cannot grant Twitch Drops rewards.

I watched my 4 hours
My accounts are linked
My drop are in my Twitch inventory since Yesterday evening
I cna’t do anything esle in the inventory
I thought i will received m’y packs but nothing happened…
How Can get them?
Is it too late now?

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Twitch and are linked. confirms Twitch account linked. Twitch confirms account linked. Watched a drop enabled Hearthstone stream for four hours. Claimed the drops on Twitch and the two card packs are showing in my Twitch claimed inventory. These were claimed way more than an hour ago. No packs have been rewarded in-game.

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Having the same issue.

Claimed mine 15hrs ago, yet still no packs in-game.

Same problem, still no packs in game; claimed yesterday.

Have you clicked the button on twitch that says connect?

Well, not sure what changed, but I just logged into Hearthstone and was awarded my two packs, so for those that are having problems, just waiting a little longer will work maybe?

EDIT: Barrens is not live, Barrens is dead. Mage+paladin 80% of the games, the state of game is disguisting, absolutelly terrible since day 2. Are we honestly suppose to wait 2 weeks for a fix?

It is just sad.