Forbidden words vs Loatheb


Wild game vs Big Priest ( priest with coin), t5 i play Loatheb so the priest can’t play Shadow Essence, the priest don’t play SE but play ( with all his five mana) Forbidden Words and surprise… Loatheb was murdered by the spell, why?
I did some tests with cards like Forbidden Shaping, Forbidden Healing and Forbidden Flame; same mechanism but different result…

sorry for my terrible english… :sweat_smile:


It’s not quite the same mechanism. Those cards can check your mana in the spell text phase, after you’ve paid the cost of the card. Forbidden Words has to check it before you can even target the spell, to determine which targets are valid. Sounds like it doesn’t take its own cost into account when making that determination.


Thank u Lino, u have did all alone<3 hope it will be fix in somehow