For the sake of gods nerf denathrius

For the sake of gods nerf denathrius For the sake of gods nerf denathrius For the sake of gods nerf denathrius For the sake of gods nerf denathrius


Its a dumb, powercrept card, that has made Theotard a requirement. Dumb feeding dumb. Can’t fix stupid though.


aside from the fact that he’s being overplayed, looking at his stats he isn’t overpowered.
don’t get me wrong, he is a good card, but he ain’t as good as people make him seem. It’s more of a ‘‘feels bad’’ card.

also, the 3 cards that are seeing the most play are all free cards… coincidence ? I don’t think so.

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Just for this whine thread i’ma buff him.

i just taked denathrius * 3 in a game what else

Just look at what happened in the dk showcase tournament.
ALL decks had denathrius.
ALL decks had renathal.
Almost all decks had Theotar.

Nice expansion we got coming. Whats the name again? March of Denathrius or smth? :face_vomiting:


What about the School Teacher?
And Okani?
And Devourer?

Don’t forget about the rest of the friends!


it’s as if… Denathrius has perfect synergy with a class that wants to pile up corpses, shocking, isn’t it ?

At this point, if you nerf Denathrius, you heavily nerf DK before it even comes out.

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He should just be a regular infuse card. No endless cap.

10 mana
Battlecry: Deal 8 damage randomly split amongst all enemies.
Infuse (20): Deal 20 damage instead and gain lifesteal.

20 damage from a single card is plenty, especially with lifesteal. You won’t be able to just sit there feeding him to swing a game anymore, but… isn’t that a good thing?

The only class that can really get him above 20 in a reasonable game is druid, and… I think limiting druid’s synergy with denathrius is probably a good thing.

An exhibition tournament full of greedy decks isn’t really a great indicator honestly.

Denathrius is a neutral card in every class. Hopefully DK won’t be… reliant on a neutral 10 drop legendary from a set before it came out.

If even the old gods are working, imagine Mister Denathrius, don’t forget that the best move is the hardest.

Its been a problem card for months and the devs havent even tried to do anything about it so i dont expect the biased devs to nerf it as long as its a good card in their favorite classes.

Denatrious, renhatal and who? Ookani?

Those are deck inclusions.

Actually in game played, it’s very different. 40% percent of games don’t actually get a Denathrius on the board.

There’s a lot more Vile Library, School Teacher, Aquatic Form, etc.

If it seems I am being pedantic, it’s because some people don’t understand the difference and actually think Denathrius is the second highest most common card to get slapped on the board.

Surprisingly, the 3rd one is brann.


They try to attract P2W player by crate IMBA decks & cards, so they won’t nerf anything, until for the money sake.

As of last patch Denathrius remains in 48.5% of decks (diamond through legend). Typically, this would be considered problematic. Many players already do believe Denathrius is problematic. For whatever reason Team 5 is cool with it, however. And so we must deal.

Open question: Will Denathrius be prevalent come next expansion?

Wasn’t Denathrius free?

Cant u just theothard and win?

That’s not dependable. Theotar does not guarantee to steal Denathrius. It’s a real gamble.

can’t eat something that is not on the board with rogue shadowsteping it . and i don’t have thetoars , anyway theotars don’t fall into my “fair” point of view .

I think Denathrius should be buffed instead. To a 15/15. Also, to make things a bit more fair, increase the mana cost accordingly :smiley: