For the love of god nerf demons in BG

I honestly feel like ever since the latest update it’s not at all hard to get a way to good of a game with demons, I feel like they need to nerf it ASAP, and until they do, remove the demons from BG immidietly, it’s not even fun anymore fgs

Uh…they are on of the weakest pure Tribe build sin BG’s right now. Even if you wanted to build pure you absolutely NEED a specific tier 2/4/and 5 minion to be even reasonably effective.


In other words, in those 3 rounds you’re at tier 2, its easy to tell if demons are even an option.

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Pretty much. you could probably push it for maybe 2-3 more turns taking damage from plays but you will never get it working to maximum potential without the Soul Rewinder. It’s poor design because you need it but without it they couldn’t make the other parts of the package that rely on it. It’s 100% never a tribe you can pivot to mid game.

This is the problem with several tribes.

IMO, no tribe should have a mandatory minion to work. Each tribe should have 2 paths minimum to victory. The problem with needing a specific minion is that RNG plays a massive role. The minion pool is so large that it’s possible you’ll never see a single Rewinder in 12 turns which is crazy because you need to find the Rewinder by like turn 7 or you’ll be dead.

Too many tribes have a necessary minion, and some of those minions exist at Tier 4 which is mid-game so you’ve already banked time into the tribe and now you’re dead if you can’t find it.

It’s one of my biggest complaints about the mode. I can get offered nothing but demons like what happened to me last week with Patchwerk. Tons of health, go demons since they are offered. Tripled a Wrath immediately on turn 3. Tavern was just spitting out demons. Ended up dying on turn 10 - no Rewinder ever offered and there was never another tribe out once I started down the Demon path.


The best path if you decided all in early on Demons because you got some good ones offered but never see a rewinder is to just split and scam. Keep the big minions for their uses but cut anything that is causing damage(which is usually scaling). If murlocs are in this is pretty much how i always do it since you need a superb high roll to scale Demons anyway.

You are correct that several tribes need specific minions to realistically work. I really like when Naags are in. I will immediately draft the naga that can target farm tribes. Such a powerful card that i see many pass early on and miss out on making their builds better and adding a higher chance to triple on 3.


I agree, you should only have 1 or perhaps 2 minions dealing you damage, get rid of them and scam it up if necessary.

This sentence should’ve been in caps. It’s ridiculous… With Demons, for example, damage is power; however, the damage taken/power given ratio teaters too far in the wrong direction without the T2 minion. And even if you do manage to get the first piece, you need the other pieces to make it work such as Tichondrius and the T4 just added back into the game.

Demons are far far away from being a broken tribe, so I’m guessing this is a “I just lost to Demons, so they need a nerf/deletion” post.

I think plays like this are what causes major breakpoints in the rankings. Like, hard stuck at 6-7k is sleeping on things like this or thinking you can play demons outside of the blatant overpowered direct highroll.

I may or may not frequently stay on four and force crooners because I think it’s fun. lol.

When you combine them with DS/WF/venom dudes, they work really well. It’s shocking how bad nagas get if you try to work them any other way… they just don’t scale fast enough outside of crooners.

Floating watcher called… don’t triple your weaver if you haven’t already, taking damage to get coins is fantastic, and malchezar/tichondrius are friends because you can sell a mal and play a second one for two health refreshes on the same turn as you refreshed with the first one.