Fix haro setting sun in heroic

Yeah, Haro is ridiculous.
Beat him in an earlier wing but the 3rd where you can only summon 4 minions make him near impossible to beat.
All his minions are high health and f*cking obsidian statues are op but when all your minions are weaker he gains more health. His constant great RNG.
He is literally the least fun boss to play against. Heroic is supposed to be unfair. But Haro isn’t even that

Haro is a bit tough for the early round you meet him, but Robes of Gaudiness are still way more ridiculous. I don’t think it’s possible to lose any run when you get those (unless you take em and then stack cheap minions).

In the next balance update we’ll be reducing the power of his Hero Power in Heroic, and making him appear less often.

RIP Haro Ending-Run


Hah I have beaten him for the first time!!!

I did use Res priest with -2 hero power (felt like a Haro Knockoff), with 3 Shadow visions, 0 cost Candles and a Super Simian Sphere which I buffed to a 9/11 using Shadow Ascendant…I went down to 3 health, it was not easy

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Can confirm, feels bad to play against. Without abusing the absolute hell out of mechanics, like dupla-ing a treasure minion or something, this fight is nearly impossible.

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Am I the only one who struggled with Duskgrove way more than with Haro? Against Haro I’m 3-2 in heroic and in one of those losses I felt like I both misplayed and got unlucky, while against duskgrove I feel like I needed the OP builds a lot more to not be overwhelmed by her. She started pressuring you with her hero power from turn 1 (since you faced her late enough that turn 1 she had 3 mana) she could upgrade them to 5/5s turn 3 and later on she could soul of the forest along with a boatload of buffs. Haro was powerful and you might need to take him a bit in mind when deckbuilding, but at least you had some time to find your OP cards and combos, here if you had a bad or even ok first 2 turns you were dead, unless you either had robes or it was chapter 3.

Antmist: same. I don’t think I’ve lost to Haro since the first time I faced it, and I don’t think I’m .500 against that Druid bulls***.

That said, I’ve done well against Haro because I’m expecting it. Haro is one of those “warps the format” arguments, I think. A balanced deck with a good draw will usually stand a chance against Duskgrove, or at least it feels that way. You HAVE to build your deck within certain parameters to stand a chance against Haro.

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typical murica, some dumbass cryes about something and they proceed to reduce the difficulty

There are multiple tough ones in the pool for hte 6th and 7th encounter but Haro unlike all other makes a lot of your deck very useless thanks to his hero power. Against Duskgrove your early game small minions at least can trade for a treant, which ultimately does almost nothing but feels less terrible than having a 2/3 clog up your hand because it is literally just a useless body on the board (especially in act 3).

There might definitely be tougher encounters but none of them made you feel quite as hopeless in some instances. An illusion of being able to fight back feels better than just a brick wall, which he did feel like if you did not get the appropriate combination of choices to beat him.

Yup. Hero power is “Give your opponent’s minions -2 attack.” If you play anything under a 3-drop it won’t do any good. Pretty nasty during later battles. Devastating on Heroic.

Can you nerf Ichoron while you’re at it?! “Mr. Bubbles,” as I like to call Ichoron, is seriously OP if you get it mid to late run … Divine Shield on high-cost Taunt minions. Not fun at all.
(Although I have to admit, Haro Setting-Sun was actually a fun fight the one time I did get him - beat him first try with Rakanishu. Maybe I’ve just been lucky and not had to face him over and over again, so I don’t have a ‘grudge’ against him like I do against Ichoron.)

The only thing that helps against him is the only legendaries minion 4 mana 7/7. If you dont get that its 99% a loss.

FML … Will rethink my plan of attack.

The big problem with Haro is good deck and good hero power. It’s using a competitive wild priest which is powerful even with the extremely stupid AI. His hero power completely nullifies any aggressive deck playing with lots of minions small and medium size. Let’s face it, a minion with 1-3 attack is just cannon fodder. Hell it even nullifies treasures to a point, boombots can’t self trigger, Annoy-o Horn no longer deals any damage outside of Psycho-trons, Dag can’t attack, other minion based treasure just feel so weak, and other treasures can get countered by psychic scream. On top of his inherent mana advantage.
This has got to be a testament to how powerful a normal big priest is. A dungeon run deck which is supposed to be broken struggles with it.

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Haro’s a perfect example why complaints about Heroic Dalaran Heist difficulty “but it’s supposed to be difficult!” are justified compared to classic adventures. Bosses like Haro really show the difference between classic adventures where you can build your own deck for each boss and can retry as often as you like, compared to the Dungeon Run format where you’re surrendered to the RNG gods and get only 1 try.

One time I was facing Haro.

He played shadow essence on turn 6 into yashraj. Then it was GG. Sure it happened only once of out of like 6, 7 times, but that time I felt just completely helpless against it. I mean, most adventure decks don’t run many AoE removals.

He seems to be nerfed, i win more against him now, his minions are weaker and the matchup is easier. I won through mill and had 1 hp left lol.

he was never [quote=“dwip-2658, post:41, topic:6767, full:true”]
He seems to be nerfed, i win more against him now, his minions are weaker and the matchup is easier. I won through mill and had 1 hp left lol.

he is not nefed yet and was never unbeatable you were just a cry baby

just beat him this morning with a priest my passive were trash… 3 secret at the start and put 2 curse in his hand

Ahhh, yes. “Curse of Rafaam” … gotta love passive damage cards.
“You’re holding this? Take 2 damage.”

I finally beat the 3rd act heroic tonight because I didnt run into Haro lol.

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