Fireside Gathering Creation Results in 404 Errors

Trying to make my own unlisted Fireside Gathering so that I can open my packs early, but I just constantly run into 404 errors. My address is correct when I try to create the event and location tracking on both my computer & phone are turned on.

Any ideas why it’s preventing me from creating my own event?

Yeah not working for me either even after making the Fireside event and it being approved still can’t open my packs… duno what I’m doing wrong here

Did you actually start the event? You have to go to your friendlist, click on your name and select fireside gathering (or something like that, I play with German language). Yes, it is very unintuitive


Oh maybe that’s it I’ll try

Yep it worked that’s what it was thanks! Was first time doing the fireside event so I didn’t know that!

Great! I hope you had fun opening packs.