Fire OS crash wireless on startup


Fire OS hearthstone crashes wireless on startup.


Heya Lokey,

Just to verify, does the network go down for all users or is the phone itself disconnecting from the network?


Fire 10 pad. Only crashes my wireless connection. Wireless ok for everone else in house. I cant get to play game. It launches then disconnects due to no wireless. It takes a while to get wireless up again. I have uninstalled and re installed game. Works sometimes with no assests installed. This only started with latest updates. The pad disconnects.
I just noticed this time it is constantly trying to update in the background of the pad. Hearthstone updating…


Lets go ahead and uninstall the game, then install a fresh copy from either the Fire app or Google Play (if the device has it available)


Did that 3 times already. Google not avaiable. Only amazon fire. I cleared cache and data. Game is constantly updating. Something changed in last update.