Final Review Verdict of Hearthstone and Blizzard!

HearthStone !

Free to Play ???—???

Uhhh not so much. !

After playing over an 2000 games in every category of the game. ( Why i also post in every category :wink: )
I can sadly only come to one conclusion.

Match Fixing in all categories of gameplay including :

  • Casual
  • Ranked play in both Standard an Wild
  • Arena
  • The occasional BRAWL, like last weeks brawl where you pay 150 gold to enter, and have to win 12 games with only 3 possible losses to get a more then normal reward.
    1 Card deck reward which you could have also bought for just 100 gold !

Match fixing is a real issue in an online card game, where each player has to FORCEFULLY share Personal Data through all the following 4 means :

  1. Game Cookie data re-inserted into your pc on every boot up of the game.
  2. Blizzard application Cookie data re-inserted after every boot up + every Time frame specified by the client.
  3. Server statistical collected data, including what decks you are creating >>>> So they can match fix your new created deck the moment you create it.
  4. Browser cookiee data when you visit any Blizzard affiliated website, Including, Informational and WIKI like pages.

Paying third party affiliates to manipulate REVIEWS on Social Media Platforms, including streamers and Personal accounts of some of their own employees, both including game-masters and forum moderators.
And minor affiliates which they mostly PAY by :

  • Free upgrades for different blizzard games.

  • Free cards handed out.

  • Increased drop rates for rare and legendary cards.

  • Increased win ratio’s through manipulating CARD DRAW order for these affiliates.

  • And in few occasions literally in real money currency through fake, other companies created to hide these facts.

They get a bonus if they get enough views and through cookie data they collect how many people they possibly LURED into making purchases through Blizzard Store.
They also get rewarded when new players, are recruited and buy a starting collection gift.

See most people do NOT clean their cookies for days in a row, or sometimes never clean them at all, so it is easy to track them through any website they visit !!!
Everything i slinked on teh internet eventually if you do not clean your browser or cookie data straight inserted into your Operating System. !!

But let’s see hwo it turns out when we use the cookies they use for making FALSE GENERATED profit.
Against themselves.

I mean they can run where they want, but we collect data about them just as much as they do about their players.

These are my main reasons why Blizzard is a lying cheating company, full of sad little kiddo’s that get paid in insignificant digital goods.

If you choose to protect them or choose their side.
You either are :

  • An affiliate yourself.
  • New to Blizzard Games.
  • Or completely ignorant with a low understanding of reality in 2020 and onwards.

And if that was not worse enough, this game is limited because a 30 card Deck limit.
There is nothing really unique you can create, because the deck limits are to low.

That is why so many players create the same type of decks !

Then i could get into, teh fact they DIMINISHED your new cards not only be decreasing you getting Legendary or Epics just because your collection is more close to getting completed.
They also KNOWINGLY, Self Consciously diminished the drop rate of these cards to make you motivate dto pay more money to get certain decks !!!

See even just by denying you 2 or 3 cards they can INDIRECTLY try to motivate you to make a payment in the chance of that card you want.

I could hand out so many more reasons why this (( FREE TO PLAY )) game is full of lies.

But this mainly strikes all of there corrupted company architecture !!

On top of these facts, they also use many other things like A.I. Bots in Heroes of The Storm.
They sell aim bots and cheats to Outwatch players.
They hire people to Ruin your raid experience in World of Warcraft.


And they know it.

Instead of creating a complete new WARCRAFT reboot with modern day graphical engines , their abominated manage division.

Are focussing on getting as much money as possible, by rebooting WOW classic.
Where you can register names to play in a cheated world filled with artificial BOTS, and buy Raid Boosts from these blizzard affiliates.

Good luck future players, and Blizzard

So said you waste such potential of a LORE like Warcraft.
Then again.

Greed has brought down billions of companies throughout human existence.

Your company denying is just denying the facts of the universe itself.
Like denying gravity !

It’s funny,

But that is about it .