Feedback on Mercenaries after getting a full team to max lvl

Hearthstone Mercenaries Feedback:

  • The leveling speed seems good. Shouldn’t change
  • The crazy powerup treasures in PVE are fun. Good feature.
  • After hitting level 30, halfway through Winterspring, I realized I don’t want to level up the other characters (mercenaries) I don’t really like
  • I don’t want to waste time grinding levels on them nor do I want to keep going on bounties knowing that I’m missing out on exp. It feels bad
  • There are characters in the mercenaries list I do like and would enjoy leveling up but there should be an attainable, free means to obtain them. I don’t want to spend coins on them because it can cost several upgrades depending on the character and I’m definitely not spending real money in this game right now
  • PVP should have decent balancing. The reason I wanted to PVP was to see an upper ceiling on the skill expression that was available in PVE but it turns out there’s little counterplay to mercs that spawn other units and buff everyone (even if the same kind of creature only, like Humans or Murlocs). It’s like if Green and White decks were extremely outbalanced in MTG and you had no way to counterspell, remove creature, damage your opponent’s life points directly, etc
  • If the story was very compelling on its own maybe I could consider spending more time in the game, but for now it’s been extremely meh
  • Being able to go ham with Varian was fun and some Blink Fox shenanigans were too. I was very excited while playing those mercenaries in PVE however they aren’t the warcraft characters I really like (e.g. Lich King, Sylvanas, Jaina) and am really invested into, so keep playing a game where I have to grind and cross my fingers so that a character I like shows up on packs seems like a waste of time.
  • While I can unlock some good combos with the characters I already own by grinding all the way to Task 7 and unlocking the good equipment, I don’t wanna go through that on characters I’m not really invested

I feel like my time would be more respected in other games. MTG Arena and TFT are two examples.


I agree with your feedback but im only around lv 20.

Its day 2 and wbile im having fun, im having extreme buyers remorse from the pre purchase now that ive tried it.

Contrast to pre release where I was super hyped. This is why the push pre purchase though so I have learned my lesson. Again. For the 20th time :wink:

but they didnt fix the task bug yet

so you cant have all the equipments unlocked yet

task 5 was fix for millhouse for the very least…idk about the other heroes

lvling other char is a walk in the park once you got a team at cap 30
use cariel,millhouse,rokara in felwood(lvl 20 zone)…add 3 lvl 20…carry them to victory(prioritize tasks nods over legendary battle paths)…more coins this way and get tasks fasters for other char…they eventually hit 30 while coins farming

atm i got millhouse with lvl 5 arc explosion…lvl 3 arcane bolt…lvl 2 greater arcane missile…tyrande is a bit more ahead in coin since that felwood area feed lots of coin to her(though she have yet to even do task 1 XD)

skills dont go highter than lvl 5

oh and my other mercs ? with this last batch i will have about 30 char at lvl 20 XD(cant train more after these ones unless i craft or buy packs)

According to this interview, they’re at least trying to make PvP matches reasonably fair for both players:

Leveling them isn’t an issue. The issue is unlocking the ones I like.

I don’t get to play the mercs I like because I haven’t unlocked them. I don’t want to play hours on end until I’m lucky enough to unlock the characters I like. I have opened over 20 packs and refuse to obtain more.

This system alone is enough to make me go play something else, that lets me play characters I like.