Fair warning Rant: Spell mage

What a cup of junk. I built a no minion mage and proceeded to go 0 for 8 with it in Standard. Blizzard has destroyed Mage.
They stripped tempo mage
They nerfed control mage
They gave us part of an elemental mage and then abandoned it
And now they give us part of a spell mage deck.
Mind you, not the part that makes it viable.
And so now what mage has is a collection of junk with almost no synergy or consistency.
Whomever thought up these cards has colossal
gall calling themselves a developer.
I have zero experience and I could have done better


Hey man, at least you’re not a shaman player.


I’m not one to go with very agressive posts but Mage feels like it was spread thin in too many directions.

We had Highlander Mage (which I bet will still be the go-to Mage deck when the meta settles)

Galakrond’s awakening then had a Elemental Mage put on the table and it was actually half-decent, but was simply undertunned in comparison to the meta. Then Elemental Mage was basically scraped with Mountain Giant HoF, and even more with the actual rotation.

Then you have No-Minion mage that has good cards (and seems to be something like a tempo deck?), but it’s way too reliant on RNG to be actually consistent.

There’s also some Secret Mage support, but we lack the draw, (and maybe card space, to make the deck actually work. Ice Barrier is hardly useful when hunter is killing you from hand and most classes can generate resources to actually respond to your Armor, and there are hardly enough token decks and small minions to justify Flame Ward. Counterspell and the new secrets seems pretty good but not enough.

The new legendary, Solarian, is a good stand-alone card, but has hardly any synergy. The Amazing Reno falls into the same category, and so do Kalegcos. Mage right now has no win conditions, outside of blasting the oponnent face, but even that it’s too slow against Hunter and DH, and too weak/slow against Galakrond Rogue and Warrior.


Yah no minion mage is basically play a whole bunch of stuff and hope it makes some more stuff that can go face before you die to everyone. Its completely hopeless garbage at least for now. Its not even tier 4 worthy. The quest is so terrible needs to just generate a spell for free and not cost 2


So I recently tried out No Minion Mage in ranked at Plat 10 and actually climbed a bit with it. The major issue with the deck is that it has no way to stop Demon Hunter, which is about 60% of the ranked ladder atm. I was beating other classes no problem, but lost every game against Demon Hunter. I found the same to be true for Pure Paladin though. Solid deck that can hold its own on ladder, but utter trash vs most DH decks.

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Every deck is trash vs DH right now.


It seems the only way to ensure a DH loss is DH vs DH. I thankfully still enjoyed launch day for the most part, but watching one class rip the ladder to shreds was pretty disheartening.

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Reminds me of all the stuff Mage has in the Wild box right now.

Well-budgeted spell damage minions - arguably over-budget, by classic standards. Even cards that had vanilla stats, plus spell power on top, and never took off. Somehow spell damage was just a huge whiff except for Malygos.

Value-oriented minions. Elementals that discover Elementals, Mage minions that generate other minions either on spell cast or as a battlecry. Yet the metas they were in were all about tempo or super boards, not consistent value.

Various strong Secrets, each which is theoretically excellent in its specific situation. However, the only ones that survived were the ones that were good everywhere, like Explosive Runes. They had to make them cost nothing for them to be playable, yet half of them still weren’t used.

Big Spell, a deck around using Mage’s largest 5+ and higher spells. Not much good when the largest spells are of questionable value; you wouldn’t run Flamestrike or Blizzard nowadays unless they’re played for free, like with Tortollan Pilgrim.

It’s like every good idea either didn’t get the support, or became part of a broken deck (Aluneth, Research Project). Take Book of Specters - a dream card for a minion oriented mage, and ended up only ever useful Conjurer’s Giant Mage and OTK Quest Mage. There was never any middle ground, it seems.

Mage has so many great cards, but they were always a hair short somewhere. Arugal, Dragoncaller Alanna, the entire series of mage C’Thun minions, so on. Instead, they’re stuck on Flamewakers and Quest OTK here in Wild, or 0 mana Secrets galore on the other end.

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You described the problems so much better than I was able. True. The devs broke the go to decks that Mage originally had and then proceeded to release portions of good packages only to abandon those same strategies in the following expansions so what We are left with is a patchwork quilt of cards that have no interaction with one another.
You either play the slot machine deck or don’t play and even that deck won’t be competitive.
Kinda’ funny to me that Blizzard releases Outlands
and Kaelthas, a Wow expansion all about magic and mages, and then chooses to do this to the mage class
in HS. Even the story line decisions are dumb.

Ight, imma annoy you and say that’s the designers job and not the developer’s.

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Welcome to the Priest experience.

Like I said before release, spell only gimmicks are trash and should be buried. Spells are meant for swinging value, not to finish games. I don’t know if the team is either running out of ideas or if they are too dumb to think that gimmicks like spell mage and freeze shaman are garbage.

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there is no enough support for a no minion mage these cards are something you may want to choose from a discover pool if you already went through the minion on your deck

those cards arent something you want to build your deck around

Tomato Tomahto 20 characters

I was able to climb 3 ranks with this deck so far, (but I’m just gold 7).
It feels very random indeed, but fun to play.
I was even able to win DH :smiley:

I’ve made couple modifications to it which I think make it stronger than the original (I don’t have Evocation though). Quest is very good fit for it and Icicle too. Add Puzzle Box for your taste and pray to RNG god!

You should try elemental secret mage.
It’s better.

Give a brother a list, would ya?

For now I running this list. I still tunning it.

Class: Mage

Format: Standard

Year of the Phoenix

2x (1) Elemental Allies

1x (1) Evocation

2x (1) Ray of Frost

2x (1) Violet Spellwing

2x (2) Ancient Mysteries

2x (2) Apexis Smuggler

2x (2) Arcane Flakmage

1x (2) Astromancer Solarian

2x (2) Incanter’s Flow

2x (2) Mana Cyclone

1x (2) Starscryer

2x (3) Arcane Intellect

1x (3) Chenvaala

2x (3) Flame Ward

2x (3) Ice Barrier

2x (4) Fireball

2x (5) Cloud Prince


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

I am doing fine with both elemental mage and highlander mage. If anything, the only drawback I can think of is the high dust cost for highlander mage. Mage happens to the only class that I am experiencing consistent success against demon hunter.

I think the one class that got seriously left behind at the moment is warrior.

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At the risk of offending you, i don’t like your deck. I’ll be surprised if you can make it very far. It gets curbstomped by more than one class imo.