Failed to get update. Please Check your internet connection


Hi there.

Connection impossible for me since 2 days.
I tried to delete and instal the app 3 times and still does not work.
If i can have some help please.


Hi Alex,

This error can sometimes be caused by a problem with the local network or the internet provider that you’re using.

Are you able to try switching to a different network to test that? If you’re on wifi try using mobile data, or vice versa.


Same issue here. Can confirmed it’s not the network problem as I managed to update my Hearthstone app on my Android using the same WiFi network while on my PC it just doesn’t work. Sometimes the download / update may start but before the update can be completed the update will stop and this error will pop up again.

EDIT - This solved it for me. Definitely something wrong with the US Server.


I’ve had this problem for a week on LG V35, Android 8.0. Reinstalled several times, cleared cache, tried the phone flipping solution, restarted phone, checked for Android updates. Nothing is working. Any other ideas? Any chance this will be patched?