Expansion Reveal Stream Coming July 1, and a Note on Mercenaries

Expansion Reveal Stream Coming July 1, and a Note on Mercenaries

The next Hearthstone expansion will be announced on July 1!

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Does this mean we’ll see some cards or just vague descriptions of new keywords and themes?

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This expansion has better have Shirvalla 2, but for hunter.

Give some lifesteal late game to hunter if you want to make a control archetype, instead of suicide weapons :pray: ty


I’m sure I’m supposed to be complaining about something, but I don’t know what yet


Link to the teaser (it’s quite LOUD, mind your ears!):



  • doesn’t look like Goldshire (Human starting zone) nor Westfall (“typical” Alliance 2. zone)

  • does that “song” take bits from the tavern music, or is it more of a shanty?

  • Final thought: At least they are not dudes - Paladin overlord status prevented?

yay, this one really kinda got boring the past weeks.

mh, not much to go on here, it´s just human-alliance soldiers?

i mean i´d have expected an alliance focused expansion after the horde focused barrens anyway, guess we´ll have to wait some more days to get anything of substance.

That being said as it´s humans only in the short trailer westfall would be my guess.

You won’t find many Stormwind soldiers ( the blue/golden skin of the guys) in Westfall - the whole zone’s theme is that Stormwind won’t support them against the Defias Brotherhood ( Edvin van Cleef’s merry band of stonemasons, assassins, bandit, pirates but no ninjas, a fancy Murloc ship’s cook and others).

Well, wait and see.

sips some 2. flush Darjeeling

I didn’t expect much and I’m still disappointed

Mercenaries was postponed once more
I really want to see it
Please I will pay you as much as you want

now to see if we get alliance watch posts

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NOT watch posts
Defense tower


It was? The post says quite clearly:

Isn’t phase 2 the phase we are moving into next?

Or does Blizzard need to hire an outside consultant to proofread their work?

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yes it was because they first said that it should be in phase 1 of the year and now its phase 2

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ah well, stormwind would be kinda overkill compared to barrens as a theme and if they want to stick with it westfall or redridge mountains would be the comperable areas for humans is my logic. But ofc they can just throw a curveball and go with a city or a high level area.

from merchenries to sir lancalot


they are reusing themes from mothergoose

ps armoring and taunts are going to be the key words theme

How about implementing ingame tournaments?


Take a break from aggro this expansion. Stop printing the same old bs garbage cards and give us some better control cards (not ones that have to be combo’d with other cards just to work…too late). I hate this game over by turn 5 meta. It’s nots fun at all.

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but the other guy said “once more”…so what ? i never heard of" phase 0"

Gotcha. But if the “dedicated Mercenaries stream” won’t be happening until the Fall, won’t that mean the launch is pushed into Phase 3? Or maybe they announce with the stream in October and launch in November, a few days ahead of the next phase, so they can still claim it launched in phase 2? Yeah… that sounds like something they’d do. :roll_eyes:

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