Excavate Warrior Fun?

Anyone here play Excavate Warrior? If so, did you find it enjoyable?

I had got the weekly’s today, an one involved playing like 15 excavate cards. And my daily quest was play 3 games as DK, Warrior, or Priest.

I tossed together what excavate cards I had for Warrior, then threw some random taunt minions in to finish the deck since Warrior has some decent core taunt minions, an went to play.

To my surprise I actually won 2 games, and thought it was oddly enjoyable to play.

Would anyone recommend it as a good deck? Or do Warriors just play Odyn/Enrage an call it a day?

Excavate Warrior is a ‘fun deck’.

Odyn/Enrage is definitely better, but not everyone plays to just win.

Boomboss Tho’grun is fun and the Excavate Treasure is fun. It’s a cool deck but not very competitive.

Maybe try the 40-card version that uses both Boomboss and Odyn

theohs_ played this few days ago:

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Thanks for the list share, an reminding me that a good deck, can always be one that is just fun to play.

I don’t own Odyn or Boomboss lol. I might toss a tiny amount of dust towards the deck though just because I could play it once in awhile for dailies, or standard when tired of wild.

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Exactly, this isn’t an echo chamber for Top Legend where the only deck that sees play is Naga DH. People play to have fun surprisingly xd

It’s up to you of course, but I would advise it if you like this type of deck. Imagine yourself playing the deck and if you feel like you’ll have fun go for it!

Best of luck.

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By the way if you wanted the scores he had while playing this in Top Legend as well:

1 - 0
2 - 7
5 - 7
4 - 1

4 - 1 was the final score after changing the deck a few times, and it’s the one I have linked.

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I’m trying taunt warrior with 6 excavate cards thrown in skipping blast charge since its awful. If you can bouncer the kobold miners its not bad. But its still not very good.


Its low on my decks to build/try (currently control highlander pally, then deathrattle hunter [with/without highlander], and then warrior) but i keep thinking a control shell with blackrock, excavate, highlander, and that tnt shuffling dude would be fun and maybe good now that snake doesnt shut down control.

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it’s an irrelevant deck if you match into excavate lock and naga DH. if you just auto-concede those matchups, you might have a bit of fun

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It’s pretty much awful against the entire meta. Removal is too slow against paladin and hunter, I think the deck only (maybe) matches up ok vs druid because you have time to set up your big board clears. I tried the deck for fun at D2 since it’s still early in the month and got whomped back down to D5, switched back to naga DH and won 7 straight so far.
This is definitely meme territory if you’re trying to climb at all.

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Thanks for all the feedback and comments about the deck.

Maybe instead of just nerfs people suspect will happen, they’ll decide to offer some small buffs to some of these cards instead.

I don’t know how fun it is, I just know how unfun it is because of how it feels like you’re paying some massive tax on the cards.

3 mana to excavate and execute
Execute is 1 mana. You’re paying 2 mana to excavate with no body. To put this in perspective, the neutral minion is 2 mana 1/1 excavate so even the neutral minion is better value than the class card which is ridiculous.

There’s no reason this card shouldn’t be 2 mana.

It’s feels bad all day long.


I played this deck some more and I am in love lol.

The Azerite Ox is such a fun card to drop. I didn’t know what to expect because I have spent nothing on the cards. The neutrals I finally got from reward track, aka the excavate cards. And pulled the rares and commons. Just jamming some Excavate Warrior, and I have a lot of fun playing it personally.

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How can it NOT be fun? If I had a mage card that said “Battlecry: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy. Repeat 49 more times.” THAT would be fun too! From a balance perspective, the Ox is ridiculously over-powered and NOT fun when it drops in the first 4-5 turns.

This logic is bizarre to me.
2 mana to Excavate and Wisp
Wisp is 0 mana. Kobold Miner is paying 2 whole mana (and zero cards) just to Excavate. Yet you’re acting like Kobold Miner doesn’t fit the exact same design pattern.

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You’re comparing a 0 mana 1/1 minion to be the same price tag mana-wise as a 1 mana 1/1 minion. What you’re failing to account for is the battlecry. Because the minion is a 1/1 battlecry minion, it’s worth 1 mana.

This is because of stuff like shadowstep, etc. Find a 0-cost minion with battlecry. It doesn’t exist.

Thus, a 1 mana 1/1 minion with battlecry effect is worth 1 mana. The excavate is 1 mana.

On the warrior card, the Execute is a 1 mana spell. The excavate is 2 mana.

The warrior excavate card should absolutely cost 2 mana and not 3.

Furthermore, the Warrior card is a class card and the excavate minion is a neutral card. Class cards almost always hold more value than neutral cards mana-wise. In this case, it doesn’t, making it even worse.

I reject this argument entirely. It’s just nonsense.

This is not the logic that you originally used, but sure. You could have compared the warrior excavate card to the warlock excavate card. I just thought it was very weird that you compared it to another excavate card with the exact same markup.

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Yes I did.

It’s not the same markup though. The Warrior card is taxed more.

Then find a 0 mana battlecry minion. Unless you can do that, you can’t disprove what I’ve said. Battlecries have mana value the same as taunt/divine shield/etc and battlecries have a higher mana cost than some of those keywords. And the reason battlecry as a keyword holds more value than some other keywords like taunt is because of the ability to double activate via Brann or bounce and because of value/card generation.

Neutral minion 2 mana get a 1/1 body and excavate= 2 mana.
Warrior Class card is 1 mana execute + 2 mana excavate without a 1/1 body =3 mana.

The class card is 3 mana and doesn’t get a 1/1 body. It’s literally worse mathematically. I don’t know how anyone can argue against that.

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I suspect you have found the unicorn who can and will argue against that.

"Wow my thread had 7 more replies I wonder if people have found enjoyment playing Azerite Ox like I did :open_mouth: "

Oh, it’s just some guy 10 days later telling me it’s overpowered when it happens on turn 4-5? :joy:. Then Scrotie an Schyla had some messages back an forth an nothing else about Ox… blehhh

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