Exactly how much buffing can hand barf druid do?


Is there any limit to how many buff & reloads Druids can do? Why is that +1/+1 spell a twin and why can they have like 8 of them in hand? Why is this allowed? You can remove their board like 6 straight times and it matters not. Taunts? Nah - removed with some buff. Board clears? Nah - fail, next turn its coming again.

So whats the deal here? What do you suggest to stop or have a chance against a deck that can fill the board every turn with 3/3 or better guys? Thanks.


Blowing them up from nearly full health with a 12 ton Doomhammer and some lava or lightning does the trick for me more often than not.


Woke Pirate Rogue does just fine. You have to pressure them while simultaneously cleaning up their boards.


Just play braindead warrior. The deck CANT lose, is simple to play and has stacks of answers for everything your opponent does. I mean, its cheesey to do it this way…kind of like beating up a one armed toddler and claiming you “showed him whos boss” but thats the mentality of many around here.


Ironically, it loses to token druid more often than not.


Token Druid post patch is a decent deck but it’s hardly unbeatable. As with the prior versions, you need to balance building your own board against controlling theirs. You can’t just leave them alone to let them do their thing. It’s a board control dance … which players claimed was what they liked. Funny how they don’t like it when they get it…


I do like the minion trading aspects, but it is a bit too fast for my taste because of the snowballing they gave shaman, druid (and to a lesser extent, warlock). I’d rather my games go 8-10 turns rather than 5-6.

But that’s entirely a personal preference.


I’ve typically found that Token Druid need to go 6-8 turns at least before it can seal the deal. That’s assuming the opponent knows what they’re doing and is contesting the board. If the opponent is pretty much abandoning the board then Token Druid can finish the fight by 5-6 … but that seems more the exception than the norm. Most of the time it’s pretty far past that point, and if the opponent is solid then it’s turn 10+ territory every time.


It’s even funnier if you know who I copy/pasted that comment from.


Druids hate big minions. One thing to do as mech hunter for example is to make a big missile launcher with poison. That is gg on the spot if they don’t have silence or big game hunter.

Or play zoolock and overload shaman. And rogue and warrior can beat them as well.

Early edwins win games.


Token druid’s one of my favorite matchups these days. It has it all, really -; hand-reading, contesting the board, shifting gears, playing around AoEs and OTKs.

It’s not a particularly fast deck, so if you’re struggling to beat it, you may want to double-check your own list and game plan.


The way to beat it is to stop making stuff up, exaggerating, and victimizing yourself so you can justify being bad at the game as someone else’s fault.

You always love to call other decks braindead — whatever deck you are playing has got to be the most braindead because your understanding of the game and inability to improve yourself should easily put you at a triple digit rank if blizzard ever made them.


yes there is a limit. You can only have 30 cards in your deck. So a limit of 30 cards that buff i guess. But you need minions for the buffs to be effective so not all 30 of those cards can be buffs. Unless It’s wild.

I suppose there is a situation against priest where you play Lotus agents. Get the card burgle and steal arcbishop benedictus, then you play emperor thaurisan to discount your cards, then you play 2 coldlight oracle to fill your opponents hand, then you play toggwaggle, And then Brannz bronze beard and archbishop so you copy your own deck of buffs twice. Then in that case you can have well more than 30 buffs.


Control Warrior farms swarm decks.

Armor stacking, Brawl, Supercollider, Warpath, Dynomatic…

The only way you should lose to Token Druid is if you have a horrible opener.


If you don’t play Hearthstone, you won’t encounter Token Druid.

taps forehead


Is there any better feeling that freezing their board for 2-3 turns in a row while smashing them with Mountain Giants? If there is I don’t wanna know.


How much buffing could a handbarf druid barf?
If a handbarf could barf buffing?

As much buffing as a handbarf could barf,
If a handbarf could barf buffing?


Oh, OK then. As usual, the Blizzard employee of the month parachutes in to save the day. Hilarious. :slight_smile:


Poisoning the well, because you have nothing reasonable to say. Pathetic.