Even with the rattlegore event this topic feels dead

your thoughts on the most recent mercenaries update? mine are as follows…
while I know that the “endgame” update is still yet to come the most recent one has left me entirely underwhelmed.

the pros: each merc has quests available at all times. I shouldn’t understate it, that is big, probably on par with getting to chain mercs’ quests.
exchanging excess coins for renown.

the cons: no longer being able to knock out kill x minions or do x damage while that merc isn’t in or party. undoubtedly a small tradeoff though especially given that you can knock out 6 mercs worth of quests at a time (it was only 4 before, right? am I misremembering? doesn’t matter.)
that renown is damn-near useless and so are those daily quests. what are the odds that you care about the 2 mercs you can exchange renown for each day? in my experience not good. and coins continue to be the least rewarding thing in-game so I’m not about to run an entire bounty with a sub-optimal party for some paltry sum of coins.

make portraits purchasable and everything changes but until then I have no carrot except perhaps to be prepared for the next event but given how few and far between they are I’ve got almost too much time for that.

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My opinion is more favorable than yours. I’m not finding renown useless, but I probably have more mercs who are not maxed out (I think “only” around 2/3 of mine are maxed out now). I’ve mostly been getting renown-to-coin offers for the new batch of mercs - sure, I’ll buy 75 Ysera coins to help get her skills up, etc.

I see the daily quests as ways to slightly boost your renown income. I abandon them unless the quest is for a merc who isn’t maxed out, or for a maxed out legendary merc since those convert to renown at the best rate.


You only get exchange offers for mercs that are not maxed yet, so every exchange is useful as I want to get every merc maxed.

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any one know when they put up a map for Rattlegore ?

Oh, there are plenty, dunno if I want to write down all of them… Maybe some points, though.

Yes, there could be up to 4 mercs at a fully upgraded campfire.

We’ll see about renown yet, but as for those quests — speak for yourself. I’ve found they can be a fun challenge and incentivise to revisit some bounties and build the parties creatively sometimes.

Quite high if only two of them are not maxed. I’ve declined all the trade offers I’ve got so far, though — and I’d prefer visitor quests just for their own sake.

As for renown, I’m hoarding it for now.

How about for fun or a challenge?

Aren’t her coins easy to get from all the newer bounties? I’ve found the rare mercs from the latest batch to be the slowest to max.

I see them as mini-challenges, just like some tasks from time-limited events.

challenges with a decent reward like the events I consider fun but given the serious lack of content for a long time and what I consider an imbalance between time invested and reward, I’ve found other games I consider to be more fun and rewarding for the amount of time I can afford to invest – for now anyway.

If you make a small purchase, there’s a high chance you’ll already have everything from every mercenary.