Er how do i challenge a friend? Quest?

20 characters…is enough

Youve probably found it by now but if you havnt youll wanna look in your friends list, select a friend and create a ‘fireside gathering’.

I gave up… haha. Will try again if the quest comes up. I did try fireside…but it kept looking for local connections… can’t remember. Thank you .

When you are logged into the game there is a small icon in top left corner of the screen that’s a symbol resembling a person with a number (your number of friend who are currently online) next to it.

Clicking on that icon brings up a list of your friends. From that list, click on the arrow to the right of a friend’s name, who is logged into Hearthstone, but not already in a game. Then click on the option to “challenge a friend” or the “options” button to bring up a list of options that include challenge options.

Of course, you have have a list of friends to be able to challenge them. Adding friends or an option spectate their games is also found by hitting that friends icon.

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thanks! … yep
not many friends and most of them are strangers :sweat_smile:
would you like to be my friend??? :joy: jkk