Enhanced visuals

Not knowing where to post this, I decided this was the best place to get your attention.

I have been playing this game since Beta and have seen many changes, but I have a request for a change to the graphics.

Many of your players are of an age in which seeing small print or making out fonts with poor contrast sensitivity, or perhaps players with overall poor visual acuity, find aspects of the (very beautiful) interface difficult to make out These issues would likely not be noticeable to game designers under 40 (pre-presbyopia) and so were likely never considered. The issues are exacerbated when playing on small devices.

First off, on the deck selection screen, the win ratio text on the right, beneath the portrait, is red on red. There is little contrast here. Seeing it on a large computer screen lessens the difficulty in seeing it, but on a phone, it is practically invisible. Using the same color font as the background is not advisable in any medium (and I suppose I should be addressing some movie producers about this as well)

Then there are the watermarks that designate the expansion. They are faint, often obscure or similar to other expansions and frequently so covered over by text as to make them impossible to determine. I would suggest a very clear symbol that is easy to see and identify, like a Magic the Gathering card, perhaps with a mouse-over feature that presents defining text.

There are other examples, which escape me now, but these have become the two that are the most egregious and noticed by my friends as well.

Thank you for years of quality game design and I hope you take this in the positive light with which it is intended.

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