End of Season Rewards

I ground Legendary this season and received no packs as my end-of-season report.

Did this happen to anyone else?

I opened a ticket and wasn’t happy at all with the response.

They basically told me “tough sh**”, we can’t see your packs, so we can’t make sure you receive this packs.

I think this is a lie, as in the past a GM has even referenced what rarity of card I opened in a pack.

I’ve pre-purchased Scholomance for £70 and have now asked for a refund. I don’t want to give my money for a product that is working incorrectly with staff who cba to look into my account and check to see if I’ve correctly received awards or not.

you got 5 scholomance packs, they are likely in the stack with your preorder if you check the amount

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Ooops, my bad. Wonder why they didn’t say that when I made out the ticket!

depends entirely what you wrote. if you asked the wrong question you likely got the wrong answer.