Duels: Elixir of Vigor

Alright, seeing how every single other crazy cheese meta in duels has been lobotomized can we just finally bring elixir to vigor to heel?

All that needs to be changed is:
After you play your first minion, shuffle two copies of it into your deck
After you play a minion, shuffle two copies of it into your deck

That would profoundly level out the unstoppable cheese that is this elixir passive. Now your probably thinking im a cry baby and wahh but I just sat through this 30 turn 20+ minute duel I had against a big druid boi. I tried linking the HSreplay but I forgot there are no links on posts anymore. (Hsreplay /replay/8nibm3kprwGNVs27TZa92m)

This dude was just spamming “oops” while dumping nonstop Thaddius, Monstrosity, Ancient of Lore, and Underkings all at 0 or 2 mana costs. Everytime I clear the board he gets 20+ armor plus draws freshly new dumpers to be cloned once more. Tell me something like that wouldn’t sorta get you slightly salty?

I know there are decks that can counter this but dude im not going into duels to make a deck specific to counter this specific opponent. Giving it that simple rework would totally smooth out power imbalance.

Funny thing just ran into a neutral deck with mechs and it was infinite since the one that draws a mech and reduces its cost by 2 to fill board every time.