Duels change - credit where it's due

after my near daily rants, I am so happy the devs actually listened (probably not to me but someone of actual import). Yes this means something else (probably mechs + avenging armaments) will be the new ‘broken’ deck in the meta but nothing else had a reliable lethal in the first 3 turns. Thanks devs!

Duels Updates

  • Removed the Dragon Affinity Passive Treasure.
    • Dev Comment: Good night, sweet prince. Til we meet again.
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Have to disagree.
countering discounted big usually single dragons is still DOABLE, while countering a board full of never-ending shield+buff paladin minions is just frustrating.
the paladin passives are disgusting, always have been.

Paladin is incredibly frustrating to play against. I have to agree on this one.

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The issue with duels is the fact the treasures are not random. Some classes can game the system more than others.

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Sorry but it wasn’t one single big dragon, it was usually them dumping their entire hand turn 2 with goggles that was the problem. And from my standpoint the biggest problem now is unbanning sphere of sapience (after fixing some bug) means druids are ramping to 20 mana turn 3 or 4. As badly as dragon affinity was broken this is now the new toxic combo.
Yes avenging armaments is terribly bad but there isn’t any deck made in the game that can readily compete against 20 mana on turn 3.


Granted, the early turns dump could happen with dragon-oriented heroes, but it is much rarer than Vandaar/paladins/Finley growing their minions over and over again, turn after turn since turn 1- this is of course anecdotal, I have no numbers.

Rebanning the sphere will only solve druids’ starting deck, Elise still has the option of taking the (recently made) 1 mana priest weapon - so you would actually have to ban both. Which would make it like the 10th banned priest card overall.

20 mana on turn 3 is indeed an issue, but it is statistically a much bigger problem in early games than in later ones, since no matter how many empty buckets one chooses, it will be progressively harder and harder to draw Guff AND two (or both) weapons so early that it would allow you to have the 14-18 mana at turn 3. Plus, your hand would have to be from left to right EXACTLY: Twig > Guff > another up to 5 mana weapon, no cards in between (unless 1 mana or zero cost), and assuming you had goggles + 2mana/3mana at the start passives offered. Other combinations will of course happen, but only on later turns.

While your dragons ALWAYS cost -2, and your divine shields ALWAYS procc +2/+2, no matter how the cards look in your hand. That is the real issue.

Yep. Minion based classes have a much more predictable passives offered pattern than spell based ones.
I played Elise the other day, I had 1 single shadow spell THAT COULD KILL ANYTHING in deck, and got offered the “minions killed with shadow spells become yours and cost 2 less”… I mean, seriously??? with 10 other nature spells in deck, this is what I am offered?

You’re correct in your evaluation of the current duels meta, imho.
Affinity was problematic, but we’ve got other broken combos now taking the reign.
It’s really no different than constructed, in that once people find the broken combos, that’s all you see. So many options exist, especially in duels, yet I see the same decks over and over.
The most frustrating this I come across at my MMR are the rssurecting divine shield paladins, that have always been a problem.

All they need to do is lower avenging from +2/+2 to +1/+1 and allow silence effects to work (without triggering the buff). That would put it in line with a reasonable power level and fix it for 3 heroes at once.

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I agree. The silencing effect does just that. It shouldnt actually buff any minions.

They need to reword the passive to say ‘your minions have: when this loses divine shield’ then the effect, which means when they are silenced the effect doesn’t trigger. That’s the only change needed for that piece.