Do you hate missing a day or more?


Do you have a friend that keeps you busy all day and your job is working for 8-10 hours. I get mad crazy when I miss a day and then I have two gold quest or maybe more. I don’t want to live the life of all work and no play.


Me everytime I open battle net


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Oh yeah when I started playing a year ago I had way more time and was grinding like crazy. Now I have so much crap bogging down my time I get maybe one game a day now if I’m lucky. It drives me nuts. I CLD play HS for hours on end.



Forward slash 20char


A year ago, yes

Today, no, I prefer play at least some matchs per day but losing a day isn’t that much of a pain anymore.


No, I sometimes don’t play for weeks to busy playing MTG Arena.


Addicts… Go find a real drug! I thought people just came here to waste their time and money. And troll


Sometimes but as soon as I log on it’s hunter, rogue, hunter … Don’t be afraid to take a break. I promise you won’t miss anything.


I was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago.


Oh really? That is awful, I hope you get better.


That must be hard to go through – my deepest condolences!

I hope that you are doing as well as can be expected and that treatment is successful.


Yeah, I really hope he get better. When I see a person beating the cancer is very happy for me. My grandfather died because of cancer so it’s very sad when I see someone with that disease.


Cancer afflicts far too many people and families. Even one case would be too many, of course, but it is always a point of sorrow. I agree that it is always great to witness people winning the battle.

I am very sorry to hear about your grandfather; that must have been difficult for you and your family. May he rest in peace.


So long as you’re not wasting quests slots (you’re maxed out at 3) I don’t see nay harm or problem with missing a day or two. If you end up wasting quests yeah that sucks.

You actually get slightly more quest gold on average by letting your quests stack up. For example, if you keep 2 50gold quests in your log then the 3rd quest you get is more likely to be a 60g quest both on spawn and on reroll. You then complete the 3rd quest whatever it is and leave the 50g ones alone. When I used to play a ton I used to min-max the quests like this for better gold farm.

It’s not too significant now but when we had only 40 and 60 gold quests. This was actually a fairly big difference when most of your quests were 60g as opposed to 40g.


I think the quest’s board should be expanded from 3 to 5 slots for casual players, even if that means expanding the quest’s pool in order to maintain balance.